Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why am I up?

So it is 3:43 AM and I have to be up for work in 3 hours. It has been a long night. John Hunter had a hard time going to bed because of terrible pain in his ears. He screamed for several hours and finally I think the new meds kicked it. Poor baby is having such a hard time. Please remember him in your prayers. We have found that when Eric and I pray over him together even in the midst of his screaming an automatic peace falls upon Him. Isn't that just how God love works, I am falling more in love with my Savior on a daily basis by being a mom? Anyone else having this same experience?

I would also like the vent a bit. Whoever named it MORNING SICKNESS is just pure STUPID! This is the reason I am up because i have been sick for about 2 hours now. Woke me up out of a dead sleep and to the guest bathroom I went. OH SWEET Jesus, thank you for the baby you are developing, but please ease the sickness. A good friend of mine (who is in the medical field and I trust deeply) shared that the sicker you are the smarter the babe! Not sure if this is true, but heck makes the time pass faster. So I am up eating club crackers or trying and drinking a concoction of 7-up and orange juice. I am giving myself to 4:30 to go back to bed and sleep (or take a name) before 14 preschoolers need me for GREEN Day tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Attack of the Laundry!

So with all our sickness and tiredness it would be an understatement to say that our laundry has gotten out of control. Today WHEN I GET CAUGHT UP..... I have decided to do a load everyday and stay on top of things.

We can never let it get to this situation again. And to think we are about to add another persons laundry into the mix... YIKES!

And how about the ironing. Yesterday while my sweet mother took care of JH my dad came here and ironed some of Eric's shirts which was more of a blessing than you could ever know. I think he took pity on me because yesterday morning I was puking everywhere, trying to get out the door to see JH, and poor Eric had NOTHING to wear to work. We were a mess to say the least.

So how do you keep up with your laundry and ironing?

Monday, March 14, 2011

When a blog go silent

So I know it has been over a COUPLE of months since the last time I posted, but our lives have been crazy. Here is a quick list of some things we have going on

1. We remodeled our entire downstairs. Ripped up carpets and vinyl, and installed ceramic tile and hardwood. When I say we I mean my mom and dad did most of it. It looks beautiful and when it is all back together I will take lots of pics

2. My parents painted the dining room and hallway

3. We had painters come in and paint the two-story foyer

4. Eric and I took a quick trip to Easton, OH just the two of us that was awesome.

5. I spent a night at the local hospital for dehydration

6. John Hunter was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia and has been a very sick little boy. But we are home now and he is resting and recuperating.

7. I have been very sick, throwing up on a daily basis for this very reason.

We could not be more thrilled. I am 12 weeks today and it was such a treat to have my momma go to my appointment with me. We heard the baby's heart rate and 163 and we are so blessed. So when I start to feel better, or maybe in September when the baby arrives John Hunter will be able to wear this cute shirt.
But until then please pray for our family. I have been so sick and now have a pump inserted into my stomach giving me reglan on a 24/7 basis. It has been so hard to be sick, tired, and worn out, and yet life go on around us. But I know the result will be worth the pain. And now I promise to be a better blogger. Or so I hope!