Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Big 3-0

So it has come, the day is upon us... I am officially 30! No longer a dweller in my 20's but a woman, I have arrived, and there is NO going back!

Today at lunch with my parents "i am ok with you being 30, but there is NO way I am gonna be 30". Yes it is true, I am older than Eric, by NINE whole days!

Yesterday we were supposed to go to Cincy for a get away with friends but due to the weather, we could not go. But we made up for it. Yesterday my girlfriends kidnapped me and we went to get mani/pedis and it was wonderful! Complete with a cupcake from the cupcake camper (if you live in Indy you must go). Anywhoo we got our nails done, had some good conversation, and some great laughs!
After my girls excursion Eric and I went shopping while my parents watch JH (thank you). We went to dinner at Petersen's afterward... i just have to digress... I had the most amazing shrimp. I really wanted to take a picture of it but I thought it might look a little ridiculous to bust out my camera in the middle of the five star restaurant. Imagine this... LARGE jumbo shrimp, stuff with crab meat, and then wrapped in applewood bacon. can I just say, MY MOUTH IS STILL watering! The rest of the dinner was just as amazing, but the shrimp was to die for!
This morning we woke up to a very sick little man who is still not doing great and we are praying for. There were balloons and cake... what could be better. We all went to dinner at Buca di Beppo's... one of our favorites.... we celebrated mine and Eric' bday with my parents. The food was amazing and the fellowship was great! Poor JH fell asleep on Gigi and stay asleep for the next 5 hours...
All and all I am excited about what the next decade holds... yall better hold on tight it is gonna be a wild one :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What a day...

John Hunter started to get a little sick yesterday. I kept and eye on him. His fever started to rise, he didn't sleep well. Finally we got him back to bed at 2, and at 6 AM Eric left for Ohio for two days...

I called into work and stayed home with JH... he started to get worse and worse. I got his some meds, but he was having a hard time getting comfortable, breathing, and his cough is SOOOO bad.

So after his one hour nap, I gave him a bath, and he kept getting more I decided to take him in! We went to the doctor. At the clinic he kept shivering, and coughing, she heard lots of fluid on his lungs, and she thought it best we head to the ER.

I have to say I am pretty proud of myself for remaining calm... I was freaking out, I wanted my husband, and I wanted JH to be ok! So we went, and they were quick and good!

We got a breathing treatment, shot, and some good meds. Hopefully that means he is still on the mend.... we are praying for a quick recovery, will you JOIN us?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where does he get it from?

Today before John Hunter went to bed our family played a "mean" game of Candy land.... all three of us played and it was very clear that all three of us are competitive!

John Hunter has just gotten into "games" so we are starting the see his little competitive side start to blossom. And we have NO idea where he gets it from (hehehe) but he is one little competitive three year old.... and he WON!

We are gonna have to start praying for his little competitive nature:)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Some Mondays are just Mondays....

So today has been one of the those Mondays, it is dreary outside, cold, and I need some sunshine. Daily activities are back in the swing, laundry, dishes, dinner, etc. All need to be done, and all left for me to do. In the mean time I must entertain a 3 year old, keep 2 days active, and go on with life. But today I am tired, are you?

I just wanted to bury myself under the blankets today and just sleep... the sweetest little three year old was not letting that happen! But oh well! We got up and got started....
While he was eating his breakfast, I tuned out Barney and spent some time in the word.... be still my soul. Today I encourage you in the midst of your tiredness to spend some time with Him. The verses I read today were RE: strength (funny how God works). Let him be your strength.

Find rest O weary soul.... for He is your strength and shield!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Colts Win

Last night we hosted a little Colt Football get together. We did want the colts to win, but we are ROOTING for the Vikings (who got the W today). We had fun and as always Eric and I love entertaining. It felt like home again.
When we decided we were moving to Indy, for Christmas that year my parents got us the Colts Tablecloth... it was fun to finally use it! And I even had some football party decor left over from JH's 2nd birthday.

What a fun night of food, fellowship and friends.... and I clearly did NOT take enough pics!

Friday, January 15, 2010

May 8th is coming

So May 8 is a big day in our family, it's my sister in law Sarah's birthday! I love that girl, but this year I am gonna celebrate her in a different way this year!

I am RUNNING THE INDY 1/2 Marathon! Thanks right... you read it! I paid my money, working on my skills and got these... now if I could just get a cool play list to keep me going!
Pray for me, keep me in your prayers, and be PREPARED to hear a lot about it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dinner tonight

So this morning I laid out some chicken to put on the grill along with some rice and veggies. I called to tell Eric I was going to the store and if he needed anything to text me. Well his list was so long, but worth it. Didn't seem it at the time!

(SIDENOTE.. I went to a NEW walmart today, a little closer to our house but everything is in a different place so I feel I got a good tour of the wal-mart today).

Eric and I are wanting to cook more together and healthier in 2010, so today was no exception. On tap... Chicken, shrimp, sausage, gumbo! and it was yummo. Here are the pics to prove it!

The red dutch oven Eric got for Christmas
My rice cooker I got for Christmas... if you dont own one you MUST. They are amazing!

Almost ready..

After such a wonderful dinner, we moved on to the living room for a little after dinner reading... I just love this picture!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Date Night

Eric and I went Date/Game night at our church last night. It was super fun and we had a great time. We were in charge of the wii competition, and we have lots of fun watching grown adults trying to bowl. From cornhole to cards and yummy desserts, a good time was had by all! JH had a great time at the sitters so that was comforting.

The above picture was taken before the games began.... what a fun night!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

So we are having a "REAL" snow day! We have about 5 inches right now, with a few more expected. No one is MORE excited that JH! he LOVES the snow! He has been in it off and on all day! He loves to shovel, throw snow balls, and just play! It is so sweet to see the innocence in his eyes! It makes all the layers worth it!

Today is the official start of cleaning Thursday. This is what I did in LEX when I cleaned the house top to bottom on Thursday, but that concept did not transfer to the rental (which I am proud to say we are COMPLETELY out of!) I have gotten the upstairs done and the basement orgainzied... well at least toys placed. I am gonna wait till after dinner and bedtime before doing the mail level. I write this to say it has been so wonderful to clean my own home again! I LOVE IT!!!!! I even unloaded some boxes!

Hope wherever you are you are having a wonderful snow day as well!