Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat 2007

So our Little Stinker had a big day. This afternoon we went down to my mom's office (8 OBGYN's) and took him in his costume. He was so cute. The loved all the attention. Those docs know what they are doing because he got some great treats. Fruit, teddy grahams, and suckers. Although Mommy has not been brave enough to let him open those yet. She just may save those for her and daddy.

After coming home and having a great nap. Our friends the Stone's came over to visit the Little Stinker. Caroline and John Hunter are big buds. She is so wonderful with him and he loves her. She comes over sometimes just to play with him so I can get some cleaning and other things done around the house. It is so nice to have such a sweet girl like that. I love this second picture of them... they almost look like they could be related.

After there visit we went on a wagon ride through the neighborhood. Although we didn't see many kids at first after a while we did. John Hunter just loves to be outside and thought he was big stuff on a wagon ride with mommy and daddy and TYE. He loves TYE! After we came in Gigi and Granddad came over for a visit with his favorite treat. Yogart covered rasins...! On our way upstairs we noticed that the next door neighbor was passing out treats and wasn't out before. He is a single guy and had done all this cool stuff and no one was at his door, so John Hunter and I went over to get some treats. Let me just say I am glad we did. I swear the cookie I just ate was the best thing I have every put in my MOUTH! Now are little sinker is in bed, resting his head.

Daddy is going out of town in the Morning so we have a couple of days full of cleaning and organizing. So that should be fun! Hopefully we will be able to get a few fun things in like a visit or two with friends!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Say Cheese

So I always knew in my heart I was supposed to be a mom. Last week was a little trying with John Hunter being sick, and there were times I thought... oh my gosh what am I doing.

John Hunter was all better today and so I took him to Mom's Day Out while I worked for a couple of hours. He will go tomorrow as well, but not on Wednesday. So since he isn't going on Halloween I thought I would bring in a pumpkin treak for all his friends. So I asked Miss Jill what we could bring in. She said that we could pretty much do anything we wanted... but all the kids like cheese and crackers and it is pretty healthy... so I said deal.
Now most people would just bring in good old cheese cubes with crackers. But not me. When I told my dad what I was doing he just rolled his eyes. With all honesty I looked at him and said... it is your mom's fault I am this way. My Gran was so creative, as a teacher, mom, and grandmother, and I have always wanted to be like her.

So for the past 20 min. I have been cutting pumpkins out of slices of cheese that the Kroger's deli cut for me. I have to say... the pumpkin cheese is pretty cute, and although the 12 1-year olds will not even know it is a pumpkin... I do and that is all that matters.

I mean can I just say I cannot wait to be president of the PTA!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sick, Sick, Sick

I have to be honest, I am done with people in my house being sick. John Hunter has been sick since last Monday. I took him to the Dr. Monday afternoon because the week before he had an allergic reaction to his flu shot. At the office he was kinda whiney and a little warm with a runny nose. The doc checked his ears and throat and said he looked perfect, but he had 3 teeth coming in. So I just chalked it up to teething.

Well least to say we did not get much done the rest of the week with a sick baby. He was just so pitiful, couldn't breath, and was sick and tired of having his nose wiped. If that is not bad he got an infection in his left eye on Wednesday so that was a pain, and then one in his right eye! The poor kid has been through the ringer.

Then Eric got sick... now my husband is great at cooking, working, providing, and other sorts of task, but when he is sick... WATCH OUT! To be honest I thought I was going to have a break down. To the point where one night I had to run to the store just to get bananas... or to just get out of the house.

We have had a GREAT relaxing weekend of football and fun. And I pleased to report that everyone is on the mend. Expect me... well I am not sick, but my front tooth fell off (it is a LONG story and UNBELIEVABLE!) So my first task after dropping John Hunter off at school will be going to see the good ol' dentist. May I just recommend MetLife Dental Insurance:)

Friday, October 19, 2007

College Game Day

Well if you haven't heard yet, College Game Day is in Lexington. SO of course we had to go! We all got our UK gear on. I made signs, and we were good to go. We went the with Wainscott's, Taylor's, and Hargett's. And the kids had ball:)

I got to see Kurt from Game Day and that was awesome. However I was really disappointed that he wore his suit coat and Nike pants. We took some great photos and tomorrow we will go and cheer the Cats to a victory over the Gators!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

First Birthday

Ok... so here are the much awaited photos of the first birthday party. Eric and I woke up early that morning and went upstairs and started to sing Happy Birthday to John Hunter... I cried. We got balloons, cupcakes, etc. The little man had a good nap and then the party began. The children wore costumes, and John Hunter was a skunk! On the butt it said little stinker. The house was decorated to the nines. And then Gigi and Granddad came down with his wagon. He loved it... a side note... I do too.. it was so fun to take a walk with! Hope you all enjoy some of the photos. I am going to upload them all on snapfish and I will put that link on there when I am done! But thanks to my Grande Auntie there are over 300 to choose from!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

First Haircut

Oh this weekend was a first of many things for us. All the party post will come later. But on Friday night, after Nana and Big Daddy got here, we went to Big League Haircuts for our first cut. To say the least everyone, including John Hunter, and except me did great. I cried from the moment we walked into the door. Now there has been some debate on getting this done, and I guess I was overruled (thanks Anut B).

John Hunter was a star and enjoyed all the attention. After the cutting we went to the Fall Festival in the Village and had a wine tasting. The next day consited of some more crying and some more laughing. But I will post those photos and stories later:)

Here is the photo of the little man... all grown up!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Strolling Along

Here is a short video clip of John Hunter pushing his stroller. It is quite a hoot. So glad we have a fenced in back yard:)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just a thought

I often find myself wanting what others have. -- Can I hear an amen? It's not just their material possession that I would like to "borrow," but often times it's their season of life that I long for. When we were children we longed to be grown up. Now that we have reached adulthood we wish to turn back time. When I was single I wanted to be married, when I married I couldn't wait to have children and now that I have children I often envy those who have the freedom to get-up-and-go without a diaper bag.

Today I'm challenging myself to find satisfaction and joy in my current season of life! I cherish the time I spend bathing and dressing my child-- the day will come when his soft bottom will not be here goose. I cherish holding my baby close -- soon he will no longer fit in my arms. I will savor the smell of cheerios and banana baby food-- they will be replaced by secret journals that I'm no longer invited to share. I find joy in talking to my husband about what is best for our child -- one day he will make his own decisions. Most of all I will experience -- truly allow myself to experience with all senses engaged, the current season God has placed in my life.

No need to sound sappy. But this came to me today when I was making a to-do list to get stuff together for John Hunter's party. Oh I wish I had a cleaning lady, or enough money to have it catered, or someone to fold laundry. Then I realized this is my job. So I am doing it with a happy heart and to the fullest.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Just an Update

John Hunter and I had a day full of doctor appointments. I had a brain scan this morning and then to the dermatologist to verify that the abnormal cells in the mole on my head had not spread. So that is a huge anwser to prayer... I was kinda worried:) And Eric was thrilled to know that my brain was still there!

John Hunter had to go to the ears, nose, and throat doctor and Dr. Speach said his ears looked great. So that also is a huge anwser to prayer. We go for his 1 year next Monday so I will be anxious to see how big my little one has gotten.

We also made a trip to Target today to get safety latches for our cabinets. I have been so determined to teach John Hunter "no touch" and he has done so well. We have not had to move one thing in our house. He tried the stairs for a day or two and fell off twice so now those do not interest him much. But the cabinet doors... now that is a different story. He loves to get everything out and then just laugh. But he gets brave and tries to hold himself up and gets his arm stuck. Today I found him trying to drink Eric's Gold Bond! So the bottom line is... we are putting cabinet hooks up!

Tomorrow John Hunter starts Mom's Day Out while I go to work on Tuesdays. It is at Southland and I am sure he will do fine... the question is how will I do??? Will up date you tomorrow with photos

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sorry it has been so long....

We have pretty much just had a NORMAL week. We are gearing up for the arrival of family to celebrate the big 1st birthday! All of our focus has been on that.

For a family who had no plans this weekend we sure did get ourselves into a project. Since we are having all of our family for the birthday i thought what a great idea it would be to mulch the whole house. It was 90 degrees the whole weekend which made the project harder than we thought! John Hunter had a great time.. he played outside and then he slept for his nap! But he loved to be outside. Here are few photos from this weekend.

Our favorite photo is of the buddy pushing his own stroller. Eric and I were taking a break and he was playing and eating old cherrios out of the bottom, and when we looked up he had taken off about 15 feet and was just strolling along. Then he made a left turn through the back yard and kept going. He sure does make us laugh... althought at this moment he is hitting Tye's dog bowls together like cymbals!