Saturday, November 29, 2008

10 Years Later

It is so hard to be believe that 10 years have come and gone. Tonight Eric and I went to my 10 year high school reunion. I need to give a shout out to Eric and tell you that he rocks. He was the perfect gentleman and was so fun and made me laugh. I love this man!

We had a great time.... it was good to reconnect and see old friends. Some people had not changed one bit... others look totally different. Nothing was shocking but it was fun to hear everyone stories and see where life has taken them.

At the end of the night they read our Senior Futures from 1998. It was so fun to read what I wrote, but it got me thinking:) Where will I be in 10 more years. Where will I be in 10 days. This moving thing is really getting to me with the reality that Eric goes to Indy on Monday... but one thing I realized as we left tonight. God has been with me each step of the way. Although I might not have realized it... he has always been there! Good times and great laughs were had by all tonight. I am so thankful for a God who has plan.... and some time to reflect where the last 10 years has taken me!

My dearest Friend Whitney from 7th grade... also my college roommate! I love you girl! Thanks for always being there for me!Whitney Shouse, Jennifer Bowlin Baker, and Me! Good friends in High School who always had fun!!! Same thing rings true at the 10 year reunion!

Me and Kelley Wade Owens... she helped plan the reunion and did an EXCELLENT job!

Here are some other random pictures!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgivng Thankful Thursday

Well what a wonderful Thanksgiving we had... we have so much to be thankful for. I am keepin up with my usual Thankful Thursday.... I will blog about Thanksgiving later!

1) I cooked a successful Thanksgiving Dinner...

This was the first time I hosted Thanksgiving Dinner. According to my mom it was excellent because she just showed up... however she made some wonderful food as well. Tom (the turkey that is) turned out perfect. Which at 8 AM when I was gaging over him I was worried! I am so thankful for friends, family, good food, and a day to celebrate!

2) Black Friday....
Eric asked me what I was shopping for tomorrow and the anwser is nothing in particular! But if I find something that i NEED i will get it. Vicky and I are leaving at 4:45 (which by the way is in 5 hours). So it should be fun and I will update on what we get!

3) John Hunter...

This little guy has been so fun lately, however the terrible 2's have truly set it. But I am thankful for him and the way he blesses my life everyday. Here are a couple of great pictures my sister in law took of him the other day.

4) God...
How awesome that we serve a God who provides us with all we need. I am amazed that He cares for me. There are times I so often forget this simple truth. But today I am thankful for his unconditional love... YAWAH YAWAH.... you go before me! Praise Him!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Gigi

November 26th marks a very special day.... it is Gigi's birthday. This day usually falls around Thanksgiving and I cannot think of a person I am more thankful for. So in honor of the 26th of November... here are 26 reason I am so thankful for my mom

26) She is always up for shopping
25) She makes the worlds best pretzel salad
24) She listens wholeheartedly
23) She is selfless
22) She taught me the words to every hymn
21) She loves Jesus with all her heart
20) She loves my husband like a son
19) She has always been supportive of me
18) She makes me laugh (the snow story has to be the best)
17) She is the best Gigi in the WHOLE wide world
16) When she is around FUN is always involved
15) She modeled (and is modeling) a Proverbs 31 women
14) She has compassion on EVERYONE
13) She teaches me everyday about being a mom
12) She is an awesome sister, friend, aunt, cousin, sister in law, and family member
11) She puts EVERYONE above herself
10) She has happy fingers
09) She is sucker for lifetime movies
08) She is a crack up at watching sporting events.... (no UK basketball for her)
07) She can do just about any and everything... from sewing to painting to cooking....
06) She loves to do the little things for me (clean my house, go to the store, and laundry)
05) She loves my dad ALL the time!
04) She makes a mean carrot cake
03) She raised me to be confident, educated, and loving towards others
02) She made putting God first a true priority in life!
01) God called her to be the perfect mom for me!

Happy Birthday Mom.... We love you!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

more pics

Here are some recent pics that we had taken of John Hunter. Jill did and awesome job (as you can tell). There are a few others that are great but those will have to come at a later date since they are Christmas presents!!! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's that time again... Thankful Thursday. Today I am going to make it light since next week will be so thankful for thanksgiving!!

1) Macy's
I think I have told some of you that I stole from Macy's this week and I was not kidding:) I went on Tuesday night after girls night with my mums group and found the following items. 1) 3 piece suit for hubs 2) 4 french cuffed dress shirts for hubs 3) 2 ties for Eric (oh and don't worry I got myself a dress for my 10 year high school reunion) Well all that cost us a whopping $436. Well the next day mom and I went back to Macy's and all the shirts were on sale way more as were the ties. All I had with me was my receipt so we stood in line (thanks Gigi for being patient... someone should ask her this side of the story) for 30 min. and the adjusted my total. I added 3 more shirts (one pink that is awesome) and then they credited by bill back $50. Can you believe that... oh I was pumped!

2) Ho Ho Movies...
We just got the digitally remastered christmas classics. John Hunter so foundly refers to them as Ho Ho Movies... but he loves them and so do I. They make it feel like Christmas (doesn't help that it is snowing outside)

3) circle K
I found a drink I loved at Starbucks called a Vanilla steamer... yummy is all I can say. But it was also $3.25. I happened to walk into circle K the other day and they had the same drink for $1.25. It is the small things like that which make me happy:)

Monday, November 17, 2008

School Pictures

Hey ya'll.... just thought I would post his school pictures. They are pretty cute. And I have to give a shout out to Gigi for making the pants:)

Wonderful Weekend

Well this White House had a wonderful weekend recovery from the sickness that hovered over our house. Friday we had some friends over to play and had a blast... didnt get any shots though. So sad.

On Friday night Gigi, John Hunter and I went to the mall. We got exactly what we needed (black dress shoes for little man) but we also go a great treat. We saw Santa and Snowman (frosty) Santa must have been hungry because we met him in Sears as we was walking from the "North Pole" to the food court. It was a huge blessing because JH did not scream. He did however turn red and freeze. He waved and even gave the man in the big red suit a high five. Then on our way to the car Frosty was dancing around the middle of the mall. Now this was a little more scary because he was more of a "mascot" character. We waved, but no handshakes. However we are still talking about the experience today.

Saturday Angie and I did the Lone Oak Craft Fair... it was really cold, and it went well, but I was glad to get home to my boys. Sunday we went to church. And during Church we let JH set with us during the music. He is so facinated with it that when we got home he and daddy played guitar.

I went to my friend Mel's Open house and got some fun Christmas gifts... if you need some unique gifts... check out her site on the side bar.... so fun!

Today I got the last of my Christmas presents for John Hunter... yeah to be done with him. Now just a few more and I am DONE!!! I have to throw this pic in because I think John Hunter looks so cute. But also because if I never see a turkey shirt again it won't be soon enough. This applique is a true labor of love. And John Hunter will wear this shirt proudly (and again next year because I made it be so he could wear it 2 years in a row).

We are gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas... but always in the back of my mind is the move. I think the more I push it out of my thoughts the more it won't happen. But I guess that is not the case. I am excited but scared at the same time.... please continue to keep our family in your prayers during this transition. We appreciate it!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday

I have been tagged again-
I am to tell you 6 things that make me HAPPY and then tag 6 people to think about the 6 things that make them!! I am sure some of you won't play and I guess I forgive you for not jumping into the blogging world whole heartily!

I have decided to focus on the little things in life because I am sure most of you could quickly rattle off the 6 "you guessed it" things that make me HAPPY. So here it goes:

1. Clean Sheets.... there is nothing I love more than clean sheets. When they come right out of the dryer and smells so fresh. I think if I like laundry more I would do my sheets every day just for clean sheets.

2. Hymns. You start talking hymns and I am your girl. I love them all (except ONE) but I love them. Friends (mostly Britney) tease me that John Hunter is going to HATE them when he is older because everything he does revolves around hymns. EXAMPLE: When I need John Hunter to stand up we sing "stand up stand up for Jesus"

3. Panera. In particular their orange scone. That little lovey makes me REALLY REALLY happy... and fat.

4. Balloons. Not that this is coming as a shock to anyone... but I love balloons. I wanted them in my wedding but the groom but the axe on that. They make me smile, and they make John Hunter do the same. I love that he lights up when he sees them. I clearly don't get balloons enough (ahemm..... ERIC). But when I do get them... it is a great treat!

5. Books... any and all books make me happy. I love to read. Any and every kind of book. I can escape to somewhere else, or find ways to better myself. It usually involves taking a bath while reading so that helps too.

6. Writing... you might not know it from this Blog. But I love to write/speak. I enjoy writing down my thoughts on any and everything.... it find comfort in it. When I get to write it make me happy... sort of a thrill.

So I ask you-

Jen, Whitney, Cassie, Emily, Stefany, and Kelli

What makes you happy?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

So this Thursday installment of Thankful Thursday has been harder than I thought. I am thankful for so much, but this has been a really tiring week! With a sick baby, and now a sick husband... Tired Thursday would be a better title. All that said... here is this weeks Thankful Thursday

1) Being a stay at home mom

This is something I have always wanted to be. My mom encouraged me to add this to my weekly list because it is a such a great honor. Eric works really hard to make this happen. I know I am so blessed and some times I take that or granted. But I am so grateful that no one but me gets to be in the day to day life of John Hunter. So in the midst of madness and mopping I will be thankful.

2) Nyquil...

Along with JH and Eric both being sick, I am feeling a little under the weather as well. I have enjoyed cuddling up with a good book (Twilight) and resting. I have gotten some great sleep thanks to Nyqil.. and am super thankful for this drug!

3) Wal Mart Pharmacy

This is where I picked up the drugs that helped John Hunter feel better. It has been a long time since it has been that bad. I was so grateful to get the meds to make his ears and throat better.

4) Cedarmont Kids....

This DVD has been on repeat play since 8 AM. That means I have watched this DVD over 16 times today alone. Every time I offer to change the channel John Hunter starts to scream (ME ME) Which stands for... Jesus loves the little ones like "Me me me." These videos had to have been made circa 1980. They are rough. But the music is great. And if John Hunter loves it... well then Cedarmont Kids it is. However I do have a coupon laying out for Cedarmont Christmas. We are in need of a change of video!

5) Last but no least... Lysol

I now feel like my house is scented with the sweet smell of Lysol. But if it keeps the germs away... the so be it!

Oh wait... I am thankful for this little guy too!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Up Up and Away

So we have had LONG week. On Monday John Hunter decided that a nap was not in the cards for him. We brought him down to our bed... no luck. Took him back up to his bed, and he took a flying leap out of his crib and landed flat on his back. Monday night... same thing! I went to monogram at moms house... and John Hunter started screaming around 8:30. Eric got him and put him down in our bed... he slept ok ,but not great!

We knew that something was wrong... so off to see Dr. Wilkes we went. Well a double ear infection and red throat is what our problem is. It was so sad. He was so pitiful. All he wanted was to be held. He went to Gigi's while I went and got his script.... and even that didn't seem to help. So some meds and a 3 hour night... and our son came back:)

It didn't help that he had the coolest pj's on. Eric wanted a pair in his size (good thing they dont make those). So we spent yesterday with Superman and Miss Patty Cake. Life always seems to be better with her. And yes we have busted out Miss Patty Cake Christmas... get excited.

Last night for dinner I made soup and grilled cheese and some apple cider (which JH refers to as coffee). He had some and them spilled it...

so what did he do! Mopped it up.

Today has been a better day with resting and what not... and I am so thankful that we are on the mends. Now I may go get a shower:)