Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I hate surprises...I am the person that likes to open gifts at christmas and then wrap them back. I however love to be the one who surprises people! And hold tight friends... I have a BIG surprise for you!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Let's Party Like's He's Almost FOUR!

Yesterday we celebrated John Hunter's 4th birthday. We have a few of his friends over to bounce around. It was so much fun. The highlight of the party was we had the MetLife blimp hover over our house for the party. They were so generous for doing us and it THRILLED one little four year old boy.

I cannot believe my baby is almost four and can't even express how grateful for him and what he has brought into our lives (MORE ON THAT LATER)...

Today we got to have a private tour of the blimp. We had some friends and neighbors join us and it was really cool. We got to go inside and JH even got to pull and tug on it with his friend Gabrielle... which by they way I think they make the cutest pair :)

Also, my parents came up and as always words cannot express how much it meant to have them here. We were so blessed for all the help and effort and playing they put into this weekend. However we did send dad and JH to get balloons yesterday and he came home with THREE cans of silly string... my backyard does not look the same right now:) Thanks Grandad you have made one little boy happy.

Happy birthday sweet JH... we love you!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I knew this day would come...

So long before I had a child I knew this day would come. And yesterday it happened. And i am so proud of myself for the way I handled it I deemed it "blog-worthy"

This summer I had some pants made for JH. They are more than adorable and I personally love them. I picked out the fabric, monogramed shirts to go with them, and it even had shoes to match. They were beyond adorable in my head and laid out on the bed. A certain pair of pants I had not let him wear because I was saving for "RED DAY". You know the day of the month in preschool where you wear an assigned color because it is the color of the month.

Yesterday was red day. Wednesday night I was almost giddy, the weather was perfect for these pants, a red monogrammed polo, and the cutest pair of red chuck taylors you have ever seen. When I drug JH out of bed at 7 and told him to get ready he started to whine. We brushed teeth, combed hair, started to put on our clothes. HE THREW AN ABSOLUTE FIT! He went wailing, screaming, and crying, immediately saying he was not wearing that and wanted to find something else red to wear. I took a deep breath and thought in the moment of his little life was it worth getting so upset that my dream outfit for red day was being dashed. And then i realized, of all the things in world that could be going on this was NOT that big of a deal. So I returned his clothes to the closet and let him pick out his outfit.

One day soon he will be in the cutest RED DAY outfit and I will take a picture so you can see how cute he would have been. I don't even want to tell you what I have planned for "orange day" in October :)