Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend Fun

My parents came into town this weekend. I knew they were coming on Thursday but their time of arrival was unknown. On Thursday my class had their I love You party where the children bring invite on parent/guest to come. I had been telling my mom all week about it, and guess who showed up as my guest... MY PARENTS! I screamed, and it was a SUCH a treat!
Friday we went to the children's museum here in Indy and it was a first for JH and I. We loved it. Each exhibit was something fun.. and don't even get me started on the carousel. There was a Bob of Builder exhibit there and he loved it... he just played and played! We were there for almost 3 hours and let me just say it was a guaranteed nap!

Friday night Eric and I also had the chance to have a GREAT date night! We went to Scottys Brewhouse with some friends and then to hear the Travellers play at Joes.... it was funny because Eric and I were almost giddy! I laughed because my parents took JH and went to dinner and we got ready (like dressed up) and got in the car, started jammin to Kings Of Leon and he said, "i feel like I am single again"... what he meant to say was "i feel like we are childless and carefree again". We had so much fun with good food, good fellowship, good music... oh i wish we had gotten a pic :( boo hiss! We did not get home until WAY past our bedtime, but we had fun!
Today we have had fun hanging out just chillin, and tomorrow we have JH singing at church... I am confident that there will be pics of that!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the mudane

Today, as in many days of my life, I have a list longer than a mile. I am not sure how all this stuff creeps up or why it does not get done, or really, why it never ends. Things like laundry (which I loath), loading and unloading the dishwashers, taking out the trash, and the list could go on and on.

I have added some fun things to my list, a target run, deposit money in the bank, and I decided since I spend a lot of time in the laundry room it is gonna be my sort of "prayer closet". So I have been writing down Scripture I would like to memorize so I can at least enjoy something while in the middle of my misery!

It is not that stuff is hard to do, or even that big of a deal, it the fact that it is constant and mundane. There is no reward for cleaning a toilet, because once a certain little 3 year old pees it is dirty again. And don't even get me started on sliding glass door mixed with 2 big dogs:) It is always dirty... but it is mine to clean.

So where is the joy in the mundane? Do you ever just want to put all the "mom chores" on hold and go get your nails done. Oh please tell me you do. Or maybe you want to sit a Starbucks without wiping a runny nose and just hope dinner appears on the table, but the reality is... in this season of life, that is not gonna happen! So where is the joy? I have praying that the LORD would use the mundane to teach me more about him. Our lives are not extravagant, we are just ordinary people with simple lives. I work part time, my husband works all the time, and we have a son who goes anytime he can. But I have been trying to be at home more, enjoying what the LORD has provided us with, and finding joy in mopping the floors. It's hard, but right now its my call. It is where he has me. It is where he is using me to serve my son and husband.

So where does the LORD have you, are you seeking Him, serving Him, and loving him... even in the mundane? IF you are let me suggest... the mop makes a great mic for singing praise to your maker!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh Sweet Baby Lotion

Oh Sweet Baby Lotion, how I love the way you smell,
it takes me back to a time when my baby behaved so well!

Now the time when he has grown,
and when he naps, he whine, cries, and moans.

You smell so great on baby's thighs,
a sight of pure horror when on my carpet you lied.

How could a tiny little toddler do something so bad,
when asked why he squeezed all the lotion, he said, "please mommy don't be sad"

While he was misbehaving I am sure he had fun...
and now his room smells of a sweet baby's bum!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A must read

So i got this book about a week ago and it is a MUST read. I am only about 1/4 of the way through but I am confident it is worth going ahead and sharing... If you are looking for a book that stirs the soul, brings some ugly monsters to life, and through the power of the WORD provides healing... this you must check it out.... i'm just saying!

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday Eric and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary... no gifts were exchanged as we are both waiting on baited breath for our fence to be installed. TO be honest I am almost giddy about it. We had a pretty low key day, some shopping, some ice cream, and a little nap on the couch together!

After we put John Hunter down we started dinner. It was yummy and so much fun. I went to get red velvet cupcakes from the cupcake camper, but they were all sold out. So instead I got red velvet cookies from the bakery! I also go potatoes from McAllisters (let me just say... they are amazing). Eric topped off the dinner with steak and scallops. It was fun being together, listening to the Olympics together, and as we do every year... looking at our wedding album!

Happy Anniversary babe... I love ya!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Humbling Mommy Moment

So today we loaded up to go buy John Hunter a new pair of tennis shoes. His current shoes were rubbing sores on his poor toes. So we went to rack room seeing how Eric needed a pair as well!

There were several areas of breakdown in communication. I assumed we would get him some Nike Shox, new balance, or something semi-cool! Well the wall of shoes allured my child and my husband. John Hunter started yelling he was so excited there were black (all black) Lighting McQueen light up shoes. And my first response was, "oh John Hunter those are terrible we DON'T to character shoes." And you could see the excitement just leave his poor little body. He said, "I am sorry mommy".

Eric said if he wants them he can have them, their just tennis shoes. I again responded... NOT IN LOVE! We don't do character shoes. I started thinking about all the times he would wear them, and started thinking about what I wanted, or what I preferred. And in the grand scheme of things.... at least we are able to provide shoes for our son. And Well in that moment I just started thinking. We will be out of these shoes in a few months. It is almost croc season, and they are making him so happy. Well then we saw the Toy Story ones. They too light up and they too have characters on them... but they made one little three year old smile so big and he was so proud. So we bought them, well after I apologized to my son for being so worried about what I wanted and not what he wanted!
As we were driving home I started thinking about school on Thursday. A little girl in my class had just gotten a pair of princess light up tennis shoes and she was SOOOOO proud of them. When she showed them to me all I could think was, I cannot believe that her parents got her those. Isn't God funny that way. He can use Character light up shoes to humble us.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Get Well Ta

Eric's Grandmother (on his mother's side) affectionately know as Ta is in the hospital. She had pnemonia and it has gotten increasingly worse. They have had to transport to a bigger hospital who can help with the problem. She is in ICU and still struggling with her oxygen levels!

Here is the update I have on Frankie. They are NOT doing the scope today, she is however in ICU. Her breathing is still shallow and she is very fragile. She knows they are here, but sleeping unless she is coughing. Not doing much better. The doctor is not sure of the cause. If she is not improved by tomorrow then they will scope down the throat and into a lung. That will probably result in in having her on a ventilator because any exertion is hard on her. They expect her to be in the hospital for AT least another week.

This could be something fungal, which is treatable, however it is a 6 month treatment and has risk. If it is viral that is NOT good but at least we would know. So the scope will tell us thaT.

Please pray for Ta... we are asking for the LORD to heal her!

*** this picture above was taken at her 80th birthday party in July.. how sweet is that!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One Dollar

So for Valentines day my parents hid some treats for JH. He found the first treat full of candy about a week before the big day! On Valentine's night I had Aunt Sarah hide a toy from them under his bed. He was so thrilled to find it he loves a good surprise! Well somewhere along the way we misplaced the card. We didn't open it until that night! It contained a $1 bill in it!

When we asked him what he wanted to buy with his $1 he quickly responded shaving cream! He loves this stuff... and I do mean loves it! He could play with it in the bath for hours :) Here's the proof!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Terrible Blogger

So I know i have been a terrible blogger as of late... I am sorry! Somewhere along the way life got crazy! So here are the highlights of what has been going on...

We had a surprise party for my friend Cheri, it was a HUGE success and we pull it off. I made her cake and it was totally here. What a fun night out. We had a babysitter for JH and we were in love with her... she is a doll and we CANNOT wait for her to come back again soon!

Eric turned 30! We had a snow day to celebrate and it was wonderful! Exactly as he would have it. In snow, with his family, and steak and seafood for dinner:) I love this man and I am so bless to have him in my life!

ALLLLL of Eric's family came into town and we had a great time. Uncle Matt was not able to make it seeing how he was deployed on Valentine's Day... we will miss him and see him in EIGHT months! But as for the rest of us we had a great time hanging out and just visiting. It was fun to be together and watch the Olympics..we are all HUGE watchers... which is why I need to go! I'll be back soon... I have some FUN stuff to share

Friday, February 5, 2010

Finding the Hero in Your Husband

So this morning at MOPS this was theme... I kinda laughed at Eric about it, but the talk ended up being really good! Throughout the meeting I kept texting Eric about the one-liners that she so I thought I would share them with you!

She was talking about how submission is hard thing. How your husband should be the head of the household and so often we want to sneak into that role! Her quote was "anything with 2 heads is a monster". Isn't that so true. If I saw something coming towards me with 2 heads I would be scared beyond belief. That's marriage. When we as wives try to become the head of the house our families, lives, and marriage becomes a monster... so run from it!

Socks on the floor is not death on the cross! I needed this! When Eric leaves all this ties, coats, socks, and gym clothes lying around, I loose it. It is not that he is saying, ohhhh i am gonna put this here just to tick her off, but more likely he just throws them and moves on to the next thing! It is not worth the death in order to have a cleaned up floor!

This is the one where you fill in the blanks... rest assured I can fill in my own blanks. She said that when you feel like you are frustrated, angry, and just plain not in the spirit we tend to act out. So finish this sentence.... I cannot loose my marriage over _________________. What is it for you, my list could be oh so long, money, cleaning, etc. But in the heat of the moment remind yourself of this!

*** In honor of my Hero of a Husband, I thought I would put a picture up of our wedding (almost 6 years ago) and one of this past weekend!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heal Us Lord Jesus

This week can basically be summed up with "DO OVER PLEASE". Last week I took JH to the ER because his breathing and cough were so bad. They diagnosed him with strep and double ear infection along with a "wet cough" They started him on some meds and we thought he was on the mend, that was until this weekend when he took a turn for the worst!

We went to the doctor with a high fever, ear pain, cough, and labored breathing! We went to a new pediatrician (which i like but was NO Dr. Wilkes) He was great, he said his ears were not healed and he wanted to do a chest x-ray. JH was so brave, but he did NOT want a bracelet! Which is a hospital band, he was so funny about not wanting another one!
The doctor sent us home with steroids and meds and said we were treating the double ear infection and the croup. He was going to have a radiologist look at the x-rays and call us if need be.

We are still coughy and weapy, oh and we still have a low grade fever. Well the phone rang and you guessed it... the radiologist called and we have pneumonia. We will be going back for more chest xrays... poor Magoo. He has been through the ringer. Please Lord Jesus heal our son. We cannot wait for him to return to perfect health. Please keep our little family in your prayers if you think about it... they are much appreciated!