Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wonderful weekend

This past weekend we went to Lexington to spend time with friends and family. What was even more fun was that we took our neighbors Katie and Tim with us. They have 2 girls Macie Mae (2) and Clara (3months). The kiddos were so great and we had such a good time. We went out to eat fun places, went and saw the horses run at Keeneland, and then spent some good time with friends and family.

I was so excited to bring Lynley to Lexington. I am sure she just loved each moment of it. She was held a LOT and loved that, and of course both babies got spoiled by these two.

We had some friends over who got to shower Lynley with gifts and it was such a treat to share our little princess. She really is such a good baby.

Monday morning we left but not for Indy for Columbus, OH. Eric had a work meeting there so the kids and I went with him. We had a fun time shopping, eating out, and of course JH loved staying in a hotel. Monday night we went out to dinner at this really cool resturant called the Elevator. We ate around 7 with Eric and then around 8 his teamed joined us and the kids and I made a quick exit. He was in a meeting all day Tuesday so we went to Easton for some shopping at lego world and build a bear. The best quote was from JH, when he said, "this is the best mommy date ever". From the book the Mommy date.

It was a whirlwind weekend but so fun. I loved getting away and spending time with my family!

Monday, October 24, 2011

One month

Lynley was one month on Friday the 21st and what a month it has been. This sweet little girl has forever changed our lives.

We have her one month appt on Thursday so we will know her stats then. Until then here are some highlights.

She seems to be super laid back
She is very vocal. Loves to talk
She sleeps pretty good
She loves her big brother
She loves all music
She does good on the go
She has already been to 2 other states
She is simply just wonderful.

We love you lynley Elizabeth

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pinterest Addiction

My name is Kendra and I am addicted to Pinterest Addiction. Its so funny John Hunter will bring me the ipad and ask, mom are going be playing on Pinterest again. Why yes son, I am!!! It is not like I need another thing to consume my time, but it does have so great ideas, and honestly John Hunter and I have done some fun things with the finds we have found.

Last night I started a project, and of course I could not do just one. I needed to make a few for some of Lynley's friends and cousin! So at last, here are the cute Thanksgiving Hairbows I made. I am super excited to Lynley to wear one with her turkey shirt I am making her:) I might even put her hairbow on a hat instead of a headband (depending on the weather). It was super easy and super fun!

If you are not on pinterest and want to me, let me know and I will send you an invite :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had our last soccer game this weekend, and although it has been a blast, I am thankful to not have to be up and out the door so early on a Saturday morning. John Hunter loved it and his team went undefeated. Thanks to Coach "Uncle Brent" and Coach Dad. He did improve a lot and we were able to teach him some valuable lessons on sportsmanships (which he needs some work on). Yesterday they won 13- 3 with JH scoring 12 of the goals. At the end of the game he asked he they won. Sweet boy!

After the game we were able to celebrate our other favorite 5 year old. JH best buddy Ty. He had a Cars birthday party and it was HUGE it. The kiddos had a great time and I can't think of a better boy to celebrate.
(Please ignore the pizza sauce on JH face)
Last night we had a our first bon fire of the year with our life group. And although it was a blast I was quickly reminded that I could not stay out as late as I once could. I know we will get back there, but all I could think was by the time I get home I will have 1.5 until she needs to eat again! But the bon fire was a blast, and of course I don't have any pics:(

Oh and this is pretty much what Lynley did all day!
This week we have some random things, but at the end of the week we are headed to God's Country.... Lexington that is! And I am thrilled to take Lynley on her first trip there!

Friday, October 14, 2011

A little overwhelmed

Today I woke up with a feeling of being a little overwhelmed. I am thinking that the change to 2 kiddos can do that to you. We had a house full of new toys, a 5 year old who was dying to play with them and a momma and sister who didn't get much sleep.

Gigi and grandad left this morning for their big trip, and after breakfast we went to the peds office for a weight check for Lynley. I was very anxious about this check because it had been a week and I was PRAYING that she would gain. And Praise the LORD this little beauty was a 8.0 a WHOLE ounce about her birth weight.

We came home and played, ate, visited with some friends who brought us dinner, and then took a FAMILY NAP. I knew JH was tired when we slept for almost 4 hours and is now back in bed. Poor kid turing five wore him out. One of his favorite gifts was this shark ship given to him by his friends Tate, Tuck, and Nolan. He is in love with it. And today we put it in the tub and it was hours of fun! I recommend it for any preschool age boy! Huge hit!

Our night ended with Eric and I hanging out in the hot tub listening to Bon Jovi.... and that might friends is a good ending to a day where this momma was overwhelmed!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spiderman Birthday party

Today we celebrated John Hunter in John Hunter style. It was all about spiderman and chuck e cheese. To be honest I cannot believe I did a chuck e cheese party, but with a 3 week old it was about all I could pull off! John Hunter loved EVERY moment and that is really all that matter.

The day started off with cupcakes at school. He was so excited to take them in. After school we went to lunch with with Gigi and Grandad, and then home to open a very exciting gift from Gigi and Grandad.

Then we celebrated with your dear friends at Chuck E Cheese full of spiderman and pizza!

I cannot think of a better joy to celebrate!

Happy 5th Birthday John Hunter

Dear John Hunter,

Five years ago you forever changed our world. Never did I think we would have a Friday the 13th baby, but in normal JH style, you did things on your own accord. You have forever changed your dad and I's world and we love you so much it hurts sometime.

Over the past year we have watched you learn, grow, become independent, make buddies, crave stories from the Bible, sing songs, play guitar, ride a two wheeler, and become a BIG BROTHER. What a year, and now you are a WHOLE HAND. The big High Five!

We cannot wait to see what the next year holds for you. We know God has big plans for your life. He is bound to use your sweet sprit in a way that is amazing, you have leadership skills like your daddy, and your love for other people is contagious and we cannot wait to watch that quality in your grow!

What a fun day we had celebrating you. A true KNIGHT who is worthy to be celebrated! You are loved little guy. We are so proud of the boy you are becoming and the man you will be. Love you to the moon and back, and till the cows come home!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm Back

At the encouragement of several friends I am gonna give this blogging thing a try again. It will be a good way to keep up with our family and a good outlet for my writing! So where to begin. I thought about trying to catch up on the last NINE months of my life, but the highlights would include being deathly sick, summer fun, and being deathly sick. So we are gonna start here. The White Family officially welcomes Lynley Elizabeth White.

What a joy this little princess has been to us. She is THREE WHOLE WEEKS today. As I type she is taking her afternoon snooze in her swing while mommy and big brother make cupcakes. Because in case you don't know tomorrow is a big day in our house. JOHN HUNTER TURNS FIVE. A hole hand. I cannot believe it. But more on celebrating him tomorrow.

Lynley is doing great, sleeping ok, eat well, and trying to go. The first two weeks of her life we were at weight checks almost EVERY DAY. We needed her to grow, because she has not gotten back to her birth weight yet. But she is getting there. Isn't she just precious?

I had a csection and although it was wonderful, I developed a terrible infection which was no fun, but i am now on the mend. Praise the LORD!

Stay tuned for more exciting times in the life and times of the White House!