Monday, October 8, 2012

Praying over your husband!

Each morning as I wake I quickly jump into my same old routine. Get kids up, fed, clothed, and start into my daily to do list. Does anyone ever do the same thing? But about 6 months ago i started asking Eric specifically how I could pray for him each day. This started out as the small things: good day, no drama, and all the stuff that goes into work. Then he started realizing that in fact daily I was lifting him up, the big things or the small things I was standing in the gap for him.

I know I am not the first wife to ever pray for her husband, and I am SURE I am not the best at it. But no matter what season of life we are in I have made it an effort to pray for him. And in return he started praying for me! And ladies I tell you that is better than any flowers delivered to your door!Now friends this isn't rocket science, but it has opened the lines of communication between Eric and I greatly. 

So my challenge for all of you all is this.. pray for your spouse. Don't just say you are gonna do it actually carve out time and do it. Small  or large the Bible tells us to present our request to God. He also tells us that a cord of THREE strands is not easily broken. So today, ask your honey... how can I pray for you? I promise you will see a change!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sight words...

I knew it was gonna happen, I was waiting for it to happen, and then last week.... IT HAPPENED! John Hunter has three sight words that we do every week. We work on them, play with them, post them, etc. But Mrs. Streby just upped the anny! Last Wednesday she sent home a packet with well over 150 sight words. They are broken up into 12 list. The directions CLEARLY state that there is NO time frame for these to be done, but you know I wanted to knock them out. Once one list is done the child will be tested and then can move on to the second list. Easy peasy!

Yeah not so much. I came home made flash cards, built sentences, and was ready to tackle the list. Then on Thursday we went to school and the first think that Eric and I noticed was that SOMEONE (read Duncan) already had THREE list turned in. We were shocked. We were just hoping to get list one done by October. Well I went into full competitive mommy mode and started the flashcards. I set my expectations to high, I am  honest enough to tell yall that. I expected to show JH the card him read it once and then know it. Apparently that is no how we will be learning through the next 12 years of school :( This session ended in tears on both accounts. Eric came up and saved the day and the fire to learn sight words.

So we took a break from sight words and momma started doing some research. Now I am  better equipped with some FUN and tangible ways for JH to learn his sight words at a pace that is steady for him!  I have you our first "sight words parking lot" He loved it, I loved it, and by the end the words to jumping off the page. Just wait till you see what I have up my sleeve next!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Family Date Night at the Orchard

This past weekend we took a family date night to the local orchard. We have several in the area and this one is kinda our old faithful! We usually go apple picking there, but since the summer drought there were no apples to pick. Super sad since I have about 1 million apple recipes pinned on Pinterest! Oh well!

We went with our friends and old neighbors the Olivers. In only seemed fitting for our littlest pumpkin to wear this dress since Bri made it for her! She looked so big and grown up in her dress and mary janes! I am a sucker for that look.

A fun time was had by all. The crisp air was perfect for a Saturday night date. The kids had fun. John Hunter's favorite part was the corn maze and the swings. That boy loves him some swings! Lynley loved animals, I see lots of petting zoos and the local zoo in our future.

After date night we came back to our house for pizza, Ryder Cup watching, and a little football. Can you think of anything more wonderful.... I my friends can not?