Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome Baby Roo!!!

We are super excited because Eric's sister and her husband Ben are expecting their first bundle of joy. I have adopted MANY of your children as my neices and nephews, but this will be our first Niece or Nephew... and John Hunter's first cousin! YAY! They are very excited and are coming today for a visit. We have LOTS of surprises for them.... but I will reveal those later.

I wanted Baby Roo wanted to feel welcomed by his big cousin, so I made John Hunter this shirt. He was determined not to get his picture taken... but he LOVES Baby Roo!!!

Will update about our visit later!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To Go OR Not to GO

So we just took our child to the happiest place on earth... however, today I was looking at a website and I think we can one-up Disney World.....

Look who is coming to Columbus, OH... Just 3 hours away and some great shopping:)

So what is a mom to do?

Let me know your thoughts????

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This ones for you babe... Eric has Tye up in Indy with him and Deacon is here in KY with me (well really with mom and dad... but he is here now). However Eric has been missing his Deacon buddy, so I told him i would post a pic of that rotten dog for him!!!

And just so John Hunter any Tye dont feel left out from the post... here is a picture of the two of this from this past week. John Hunter likes to "lead" Tye around. The thing that boy comes up with....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Monday

There is just something about Monday's. I usually don't mind Mondays and since the Bachloar has started I somewhat love them. But today was a little hard... I did not go to sleep last night until 4 and the alarm went off at 7. And I just can't seem to get it all together.

I have about 15 lists going at the same time, and none are getting marked off.. oh wait, I just paid my car insurance. Now if I could get my drivers license, renew BOTH car tags, and bake a cake for a friend.:)

So when I went to pick up JH from school today we have a beautiful tag on our bag that says SCHOOL SNACK TOMORROW! Now that just energizes me. I love it! So I came home to get started.... hummm what is a girl to do! Everything I came up with was full of processed sugar and I am trying so hard to keep that away from the fam. SOOOOO... Butterfly Bags it is!

Here is the "recipe" if you want to give it a try!

What You Need
1 oz. KRAFT Cheddar Cheese, cut into bite-sized pieces
1/4 cup whole strawberries, stems removed, quartered
1/4 cup seedless red or green grapes, cut in half

Make It

PLACE cheese in 1 side of resealable sandwich-size plastic bag; loosely tie pie cleaner or twist tie around middle of bag. Place fruit in other end of bag; seal bag, then twist pipe cleaner tightly to separate cheese from the fruit.

CURL ends of pipe cleaner to resemble antennae of a butterfly.

REFRIGERATE until ready to serve. Untwist pipe cleaner, leaving bag sealed. Gently shake bag to mix fruit and cheese. Open bag and enjoy!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A wink from our maker:)

When I taught at the church we taught the kids that hope means that "God keeps His promises". And we used the image of the rainbow to show this metaphor. Now since John Hunter was little and we see a rainbow I say in my Childrens Minister voice... when we see a rainbow it means that God keeps His promises!

Yesterday I was so convicted by the fact I have repeated this 1 million times, but have no believed it in my heart! It is no secret that this week has been one of the hardest ever. I told a good friend that Indy is my Wilderness and I am confident the Promise Land is coming!

On Thursday I took John Hunter to the library and it was super fun! We checked out 2 books (which I don't think I have done since high school). While there we were at a little play section. There were a couple of moms with kids and we struck up a conversation. Mainly revolving around the fact that I needed a Gymboree. They were sweet but it was getting close to nap time so we packed up and left. On our way out a one of the ladies stopped me and said if I needed anything else to give her a call. We exchanged numbers and went on our way. I was gald for the encounter, but didn't really see myself calling for any reason.

On Friday John Hunter and I had a plan. Early in the week I called the church we like and asked if they had a MOPS program. They in fact did and were meeting on Friday. So we went. We were all geared up and walked into the Childrens Ministry... which were full of Rainbows, and while walking there was the girl from the Library... and in good ole fashion Kendra style i yelled... I KNOW YOU! We both just laughed and she helped me find John Hunter's room. We went on to the area MOPS meets and not only is she apart of MOPS she was at the table I was assigned to! If that is not God I dont know what it!

He always keeps His promises...
he did for Moses in the wilderness
and he is doing it for me here!!
God is GOOD!

PS-- Kelly is her name and she lives 4 min. away from us. She is super sweet and has one little girl!!! I enjoyed my MOPS experience and think it will be a good way for me to get involved... however it made me miss myMUMS girls... can't wait to see them next week~ oh and their food was no where as good as ours:)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Buca de Bepo's

One of my moms favorite stories to tell about the first time she met Eric is when we all went to Buca's. It was the night before graduation at Focus on the family. Our group of friends and their parents were all going there to eat. Eric had been to Buca's before and in ole fashion Eric style he went took care of the situation and handled everything!

Well a year later in 2002 when I went back to Colorado for our Focus reunion we agian ate at Bucas. This is when Eric and I "offically" started dating... This by far is one of my favorite pictures of us... so our story begins here!Tonight we went to Buca's again, only in Indy. Oh was it amazing. We are stuffed... and still have LOTS of leftovers in the fridge. We have come a long way since that day in 2001, and there is no one else I would have wanted to share that journey with... It only seem fitting that we take another picture!

He is an amazing husband, father, provider, friend, and leader! My sister in law Sarah loves to say from the day Eric and I met we had met our match. We have loved and hated with the best of them! Who ones one day we may make it big writing a book about how far we have come.... or should I say, are coming!

This ones for you babe... I love ya!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

5 Years Later....

5 years ago on the 20th of Feburary I married my best friend and soul mate! I can't believe it has been 5 years, and if you had told me on that day that I would be sitting in Indiana, waiting on our new washer and dryers. But on that day we said to have and to hold from this day forward. For better or worse in sickness and in health... and here we are!

It is be a winding road, with way to many ups and downs to mention. We did laugh a little today to think that in our "PLAN" we would not talk about having kids until our 5 year anniversary! So glad we didn't wait!!! We love our little Prince and look forward to the day when he has a sibling!!!

God has been faithful to this family that was established 5 years ago, and we are confident that he will continue to remain faithful!

I love that Eric still calls me his bride, and I love that we still like each other!

We don't have huge plans but we are planning on going to Bucca de Beppo's (which i will tell you about more tomorrow) and then we rented Fireproof today from the redbox. I will update you tomorrow our our yummy dinner!

Happy Anniversary babe... I love ya!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

There's no place like home....

I wish all I had to do was click my peep toe red patent leather pumps and I would be HOME! However over the past few days I have been reminded that this is my new home. Let me give you a quick run down of what that has looked liked:

- Lots of crying
- Ordered pizza and went to the wrong location to pick it up
- Took my 2 year old grocery shopping for the first time in a new store which meant we had to go up and down EVERY aslie, because where the heck is the brown rice?
- The special needs grocery bagger called me grouchy
- My parents aren't next door
- The dollar general doesnt take out of state check or MASTER CARD... oh they also speak VERY little English
- 2 trips to Target... only because that is one of the few stores I know how to get to
- We have no Washer or dryer and with a 2 year old... it is kinda a necessity!
- Oh In order to switch to a Indiana drivers license, you have to retake your Drivers test... written and vision.... WHAT?
- John Hunter and I went to a Gymboree Class and it was super fun... I think we will sign him up.
- A lady and her son invited us to go eat after the class
- A friend from the past invited John Hunter and I to go play at the mall
- I am visiting a MOPS group at a local church on Friday
- I started religously doing my ZUMBA video... so much fun!
- Skype is the greatest invention because I can talk to my mom and dad... and even see them!
- Today we bought a new couch... chocolate leather... and I LOVE IT!Well it is just Tuesday. The Lord is teaching me alot this week about trusting in HIM! I had to have a cryfest yesterday so I left JH with Eric, got in my car. Drove to Target (becasue I know how to get there and who doesnt love target). While driving I had my trusty Selah CD in, and the song that was on was "Great is Thy Faithfulness". I will leave you with these words of hope today.... I love the 4th verse that says:

Great is Thy faithfulness!
Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see.
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided;
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth
Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide;
Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,
Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside

Friday, February 13, 2009

New York Recap

Well we are safe and sound as well as home from New York City!!! And I have to say although I had the time of my life, I missed my baby and I am glad to be here!
** The today show**

Our flight was canceled out of Newark Yesterday due to high winds. Several of the men who Eric was in meetings with were from Buffalo. Instead of waiting for their flight to trying to catch a later flight they decided to rent a car and drive home. The could have been on the flight that went down from Newark to Buffalo. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those families! All that to say I dont think we will EVER fly out of Newark again... it was a nightmare... with the exception that I got to see Hoda from the Today Show today.... what a classy lady!

Anyway, all that to say our time in New York was amazing. There was much rest and relaxation. I read an amazing book called Virtuous Women, spent a LOT of time in the WORD and feel that I came home with a renewed heart and focus! It was just what I needed. Not to mention the hustle and bustle of the city! I went into the city by myself, got the amtrack, took the train, got off at 32 &7 and walked to Central Park at 60 & 5. Did a lot of window shopping, picture taking, and praying. The song "God of this City" was following me everywhere I went.

When the clock struck 2 I found myself on the 8th floor of Sax (5th Ave.) That place is amazing. IN case you didnt know it has it own zip code! We had a delicious birthday lunch and a wonderful dessert to top it off. From there we went to her apartment... so swank and cute. I said goodbye to BJ and got the 123 downtown (that is the subway)... by myself to Canal St. also know Chinatown! TO say I was scared out of my mind would be and understatement. I did manage to get Eric and I a watch which is super cool... but when I was done... I bee lined it back to the 123 Uptown to Penn Station where I caught the train back to Newark and our hotel. I was so tired from all that walking but it was totally worth it!
** My fun stuff from Tiffanys***
hursday Eric had his big presention which i hear went really well. I kept checking the flight and it kept getting further and further delayed! So we finally changed our flight which was a good think because while Eric was on the line with the airlines our flight was canceled. So what were two people to do... head back to the Big Apple! I think Eric was really impressed that I knew what trains to catch, how to get around, and where the heck I was going. We walked around that Promanade, went back to Rockefeller Center, went shopping on Canal street (got some awesome purfume), and had a great surprise from Brandi Jane who was able to swing by for one more hug... i love that girl!

On our way back to the Train station we walked through Times Square and ate dinner at ESPN Zone... it was kinda fun because we ate their together in Denver, and lets be honest... our house is alwas ESPN ZOne! We had a great view of the city and took one last stop at Magonila Bakery for cupcakes....

Today we made it home safe and sound and as I type Eric sound asleep and so is John Hunter.... so all in all... Life is Good! And we are blessed!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!

I tagged myself from Sarah to do this husband post and thought I would save it for his special day! Today is Eric's 29th birthday- yes, you did the math right- I am 9 days older than him. (He will never let me live it down when I reach 30!) He is amazing and I am so proud to be called his wife. Happy Birthday, Hubby!

1. Where we met - Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs. I will never forget he had on a red and blue striped polo shirt. We were playing one of those ice breaker games and he was taking charge. And I looked at my roommate at the time and said, "who does he think he is telling me what to do?"

2. Our First Date - Well dating was hard.. he actually dated someone else while we were in Colorado. But he knew were I stood. His favorite story to tell was on 4th of July service at New Life. We were all holding hands for prayer. Me on one side, his girlfriend on the other.... and for some reason I did not want to let go! So I didnt!

3. How long did we date before we were married? - 2

4. How long have we been Hitched? - We will celebrate our 5 year anniversary on the 20th of this month!

5. Favorite Feature - his strong arms, blue eyes, and long eye lashes!

6. Favorite Quality - Eric has taught me alot about myself. He can remain steady with everything else seems nuts. He desires to follow God in everything he does. He is an awesome father and falls deeper in love with our son every day!

7. His nickname for me -KJ

8. His Favorite Color - Blue/ Black!

9. His Favorite Sport - Football... enough said! Praise the Lord we are on a football break!

10. Who Said I Love You first - Eric came to visit me for the first time at the end of one Summer. I had to take him back to the CVG airport and as I dropped him off I told him I loved him!

11. Our First Kiss when and where - In Colorado... we came back for a reunion and I was so excited to see him. We kissed on the mountains!

12. Favorite couple thing to do - We love to watch movies, hang out, travel, and hang out with other people! We love to entertain, have parties, and relax!

13. His Hidden Talent - Eric is smart about a lot of things... he is awesome with computers, anything techie... he does MOST of our cooking and is really good at it! He knows how to sew, he thinks he can dance, and he claims he is a great "hairstylist"

14. His Favorite Music - Well as we speak he is downlaoding Dave Matthews onto his iphone. He loves Dave, all things acoustic, John Mayer, he absolutly HATES Rascal Flatts, and he has a hidden talent for picking the winner of American Idol... we are are year #4 of picking the winner during audition week!

15. What I admire most about him - He loves me even when I am unlovable, he always does what is best for me and John Hunter, he loves my family (and I love his), Doing what is in God's will is the driving force for every decision he makes!!! Even when it is not easy!

16. His favorite pastimes - Watching sports, playing guitar, sking, anything realated to the water, working in the yard, Xbox360, and having people over for a good olde fashing BBQ

17. Will he read this? - Yes, because he is sitting right next to me in the Orlando Airport as we fly to NYC!!!

I love you baby... Happy Birthday!

Happy 95th Aunt Libby

So the whole point of the Disney trip was to celebrate the life of my Great Aunt Libby. She turned 95 years old this month. Just looking back I was in shock of all the things she has experienced in her life. Her son Eric, interviewed her and it was so interesting to hear her tell some of her life story.

Let me share with you why Aunt Libby is so special to me. You see, my "Gran" played a very important role in my life. To many of you, you would say I am just like her. My whole life I have know about her best friend "Elizabeth... or Libby as we call her". The became best friends fast in the 7th grade. Which is when I met my 2 best friends! They did everything together. My Gran's father died when she was young and her and her mother survived the times on their own. Libby and Gran went to separate colleges, Libby to nursing school, Gran to teaching college. One weekend Gran called Libby to see if she wanted to double date. Gran would go with Lee Zoeckler and Libby would go with Dick Zoeckler. Brothers from Wheeling, WV. Well the dates went well, but at the end of the night the girls switched. Jean went home with Dick, and Libby went home with Lee. And that is where the story continues.

These 2 best friends married bothers. The spent the early years of the marriages remaining friends from a distance. My grandparents life demanded that the traveled often. But the girls still remained friends thought extensive letter and phone calls.

When the four were ready for a life of retirement they retired to Zellwood, FL. A small community near Orlando. I spent many summers in Zellwood. It was there I celebrated the 60th anniversary for Libby and Lee and Gran and Grandad. These girls were 2 peas in a pod. And what a sweet memory it was to celebrate 95 years of her life. My Gran would have be proud. She would have loved to have been there... but I went in her place!!!! Happy Birhtday Aunt Libby!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Animal Kingdom

On Saturday we got up and took the bus to Animal Kingdom. This was our first trip to Animal Kingdom and I have to say it was great fun. It was more than a zoo, and I would highly recommend it for kiddos!!! We saw lots of animals, went on a safari, road Mt. Everest (3 times), watched the finding Nemo Broadway show, and lots of other cool things. We met Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck, and Chimpy Munks (or Chip and Dale and you and I know them)!!! Here are some pics to remember the day!!

Disney Review...

I know I said it was my goal to blog everyday, but in good ole Disney style, I was not paying for internet! So here is a review:

Welcome to Magic Kingdom! We were in awe from the boat ride over to the minute we left. John Hunter was so into the whole experience. We headed down Main Street USA and bought a hat... and he had so much fun trying on all the hats!

From there we caught the Magical Stage Show... Follow your Dreams! He just sat on Eric's shoulders the whole time yelling for Mickey and Goofy! It was so darn cute! He retold us everything about the show the next day so he must have loved it!

From there we went to Fantasy Land and got our ride on! From the carousel, tea cups, small world, dumbo, etc.! He road his first roller coaster and he LOVED LOVED it!! After our dinnerThese towels were waiting for us when we got home... how cute are these??

After our dinner we went to a great dinner with the rest of the family. There were 30 of us total and it was great to see friends and family who had come together from all over to celebrate Aunt Libby's Birthday!