Monday, March 29, 2010

Wow what a week (end)

As you know we left JH in Lexington so we could go to the Need to Breath Concert and it was WONDERFUL, if you ever have a chance to go and see MUST go! Eric and I got to sleep in a bit on Friday and it was wonderful!

Friday I went and got JH from my parents and it was so good to see them. It was so good to be back together as a family. Saturday we had a good morning at home ( well John Hunter and I did... Eric bought a new car). And Saturday afternoon we went on a little adventure to our friends Matt and Joy's in Cincy to watch the UK. It was so much fun and we had a blast. The boys sent Joy and I to get mani/pedi's and it made me feel like a princess!

I was really miss my momma so Eric suggested we leave their house and go stay in Lexington with them... so we surprised my mom and showed up! It was so wonderful to get up Sunday morning and have breakfast with them... I loved it!

In other big news in our lives our dearest friends John and Britney are expecting their second child.. and I am almost giddy about it. Maybe I will post the pic of the cutest thing in the world I picked up for the babe!
And..... MY SISTER IN LAW Sarah is Engaged to "the" Greg! We are soooooo thrilled. What a wonderful addition to our family! We love Greg for so many reasons but most importantly for how much he loves our sister... Congrats GUYS

Monday, March 22, 2010

Update on TODAY!

What a fun couple of days we have been having. Yesterday we had a great day. My dad's cousin and her husband came in for a visit and we had a great time with Steve and Janet. They are always so much fun. They left this morning and John Hunter is still talking about Grandma Jan... too sweet!

We played and played today and did a little shopping.... I got a really cool UK shirt but I am anxiously waiting for the BIG reveal!

Got my haircut and highlighted and once I get it fixed I will post pictures, other than that I have been monogramming!

Tomorrow we are eating breakfast with my dearest friend and then having dinner with a wonderful family... what a great trip this has been...

And tomorrow there will be PICS.... I promise!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

MIA... and sorry about it!

So I realize that I have been a terrible blogger. There are so many blogs forming in my head about the following topics:

1) Spring
2) Fear
3) Things I want to do while in Lexington
4) How much I love my husband and how one particular book is changing my marriage
5) John Hunter's ear tube surgery
6) and the list goes on... but for now you get this!

We are have had an incredibly busy week. Getting things ready to leave, ear tubes, works, enjoying the season of spring, and P90x... but today kicked off a week of rest!

We dropped Eric off this morning at the airport for Vegas and JH and I headed to Lexington with both dogs in tow! We got here just in time for the Easter Egg Hunt at southland. What a great time and great weather, and we got to see some great friends!

We have a pretty fun week planned of low key activies and family fun, We are gonna miss Eric something terrible, but it is good to be home... so my goal this week is to BLOG every single day... but dont hold your breath!

here are some pics from the Hunt!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Posey!

Today we had the joy of celebrating the life of this little pocket full of Posey. Tell me she is not the cutest thing you have seen. Let me say she LOVED LOVED LOVED that cake and icing. I knew we loved that girl!

That is her sweet momma Emily about to hand her the cake.. what a blessed woman. I am a better mom, woman, and friend for knowing her.

Happy Birthday Sweet Po-Po... we love you!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ear Tubes are a comin'

Sweet boy... today we went to the ENT and it s official. We will be getting ANOTHER set of Ear Tubes. Surgery is set for next Wednesday and I am on a countdown. I loved the doctor and he was really good with John Hunter. He said his ears were pretty bad, but felt confident that this set of tubes would help.

We would appreciate ya'lls prayers over the next week as we prepare. In the mean time we are hoping to visit our neighborhood park soon... doesn't life just look better from a swing?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The White Lilly Store

So you ask where most of my time goes, here are some new designs I have been working on... thought I would share!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Small things in life

So as you know it is the small things in this life that make me smile! Yesterday was one of them (aside from the fact I have a VERY sick child with a double ear infection) we got our tickets to see Need To Breathe! Have we told you how much we love them?

Or maybe you remember this...

We we are counting down the days till date night, Eric and I and some of our friends (the K's) and other couple are all going. We are so excited!

Again the small things!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is this a perfect Saturday

Today has been just a great day! It started off with the sun shining and birds chirping:) What a great day! We had breakfast, watched cartoons, and got ready for the day. We loaded up the van and headed to LOWES! Along with the rest of Indy. We got some stuff to organize our garage!

The good news, I did not help! I took JH to Bounce U for a little girl in his class' Birthday Party. He had a blast and we had a great time celebrating Ashlyn! He had a great time.

I am thinking he has a little seasonal allergies because he has started coughing along with runny nose but is otherwise fine. We had so much fun that when he got home he was wiped out. He played with Eric as well and then they settled in to watch basketball... after about 10 min, this is what we saw:)

Now he is sleeping in his own bed and hopefully there for the REST of the night! We love that little guy! Eric and I are cuddled up watching TV, oh what a great day:)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TWO... very funny John Hunter Stories

John Hunter is just the funniest thing ever these days. He says things that just make me crack up... here are two that I love:

1) If you remember my parents sent him some Valentines Money and he chose to buy Barbasol shaving cream. Well least to say we have been through that can AND another. Last night he came running in and said, "hey guys, I don't have any shaving cream and I don't have any money"... I thought Eric and I were gonna loose it!
2) A few days ago when my parents were here I made some chilli. It was NOT spicy at all but that is JH's way of trying to get out of eating. He will eat it if it has "cream" on it. Which is sour cream, but he just eats that by the spoon fulls. Eric was adamant that he was going to eat all his chili so he spoon fed him and JH revolted the whole time, BUT he did end up eating the whole bowl!

We there was only a little chili left over when I was cleaning out the fridge. We have started to give Tye (the dog) leftovers so we can fatten her up. Well she was eating the chili and John Hunter walks over to her and says, " Don't worry Tye I know it is spicy but daddy says you must eat it all... its ok girl, I love you"... sweet boy! That must have scared him!
*** oh here is one for fun. I decorated for Easter today and put out some fun stuff. In the center of my table I have a really cool basket with grass, eggs, and a large porcelain bunny! He saw the eggs (large plastic ones) and said, "hey mom look at these eggs, they are just precious"... AHHHH.. I love that kiddo!