Monday, May 26, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Favorite Pic

Here is a recent pic of John Hunter that is my absolute favorite... hope you enjoy!

Ella is coming soon

On Sunday we had a baby shower for my cousin Amanda, who is having a baby girl in August. Ella Nicole will be here soon and we were thrilled to shower her with great gifts. I got some fun pics and I will post those soon.

If you remember John Hunter gave me cake decorating classes for my is a bi-product. Ella's shower cake. Just wanted to show it off... got to say I was pretty proud. Watch out Duff... here I come:)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A our new nephew......

So our friends the Wainscott's may be offically hating us right now. We talked them into going to dinner last night and taking the boys too the pet store.

They have been having the itch to get Hayden a dog since he is in love with them. Their dog Scooter had to go to doggy heaven a couple of months ago and since then Hayden has been lonely. We knew talks of dogs were going so we spurred them on.

Eric did some research and found that some dogs were going to be at PetSmart so we loaded up and went to dinner and then too look at the good girls.

Well John's quote was the best "how do they expect you to come and see the dogs and not take them home". So after much dilberation... we have a new nephew. We are not too sure what is name is going to be. Currently he is Aurthur:) But that is not sticking!

So here are some new family photos:)I would not be a good friend if I did not mention "T". "T" is Aurthur's brother and we truly considered taking "T" home to be a sibling to "T". But we just could not do it. We are confident that "T" has a good home:)

A crazy Week....

It has been a crazy week trying to get back into the swing of things. John Hunter has been great and we have done some fun stuff. Here are a few pics:

1. Swing time with mommy
2. Riding the Bike or "BO" as John Hunter calls it with Gigi and granddad!3. A trip to the pet store with our friends:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

UPDATE... more than you want to know!

SO i have officially not left the land of the living... Just a quick update!

Last Tuesday was so sick I went to the dr. and they sent me to the ER to get fluids. I thought I had some sort of stomach bug. Well really I thought that we really were the .01% and I was prego, but I took a test and it was not so. So after the doc blew 4 veins the ER gave it a whirl and they blew 2 more and my left jugular which is why it looks as though my husband has no class and gave me a hickey:) So after we finally got an IV started, and the fluids flowing a CAT scan, and some good drugs. They sent me home!

On Wednesday and Thursday I don't remember much except that I was not getting better. Still loosing it both ways :( and thought I was dying. John Hunter had his 18 month appointment 1 month late but I will document that another time:)

Friday morning the doc said straight to the ER with you and so I went. After much smiles when all the nurses saw me again they brought in a specialist and got an IV started (after 3 sticks). The pain was not getting better and I was still loosing it. The admitted me to the hospital on Friday. Once I got to the room the vein blew and I was devastated.... truly! So after much prayer and a little sass we got the IV started. Fluids and pain meds were coming my way:)

We still did not know the cause. We knew there was a parasite in my colon, but from where and how to get rid of it... we did not know. My gastro doc came in and his plan was a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. This was done on Sat. and right in my hospital room. That showed a sliding hernery, but not a cause.

All the while I was still throwing up and in pain. So Happy Mother's Day to me! The fluids were helping but I was starting to get hungry and very impatient. The pain was getting better and they took me off a clear liquid diet. If I could get a bland diet to stay down for 24 hours they would let me go. I was a women on mission. My sweet family came and had a panera picnic with me on mother's day for breakfast!

I was released yesterday and came home. PRAISE THE LORD! I am going with I ate some bad food which caused a parasite which caused my jacked up colon to get irritated. This will most likely be the story for the rest of my life.... I guess I will be careful what and where I eat:)

I have to give a MAJOR shout out to my parents, husband and son. They have all sat with me in the hospital, cleaned my house, done my laundry, cried with me, brought me treats, and eased my mind about how and who was taking care of my little buddy. I am thrilled to be home, extremely tried and worn out, but trying to get back into the swing of life!

So that is my update... I promise I will get some pics up soon!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Fun

We had a lot of fun this weekend just hanging around the house, celebrating the derby, and going to a friends 1st birthday party. Well it is offically spring in the Bluegrass state and what better way to say spring than to say "baseball". Nana sent us this baseball outfit this week and we love it. It will be fully complete once I put his name "WHITE" on the back of his jersey. John Hunter loves baseball... well any ball but he does love to "swing" the bat.

We also went to Ryleigh Kate's first birthday party on Sunday. IIt was a ton of fun and she looked so cute in her pink and green. She loved loved loved her cake. It is hard to believe she is one, but just like we told her mom and dad... being one is just plain fun!

Another fun that happend this weekend was it was aunt anna's birthday. So we called her up and John Hunter said "ANNA" for the first time. I think it made her day! He is learning so many new things and new words we are just amazed.

We have a pretty simple week.... work, school, meetings, and MOTHER'S DAY! Although we don't have any big plans I am sure we will get into something.

If you think of it this week... pray for Daddy (Eric) he is studying hard for his Series 7 test. It is just around the bend so we are in the middle of a studying crisis. He is way better than I am because to think of studying for something like that makes me want to cry. He would covet your prayers.... and so would I:)