Thursday, December 25, 2008

Washed By The Water

Christmas Day 2008

We had an excellent Christmas day.... and a fun day with family and celebrating the birth of our LORD. We woke up this morning and went up to see what HO HO brought us. John Hunter was thrilled with his guitar! He has played it all day long... he also likes his golf clubs! He had so much fun blowing out candles for Baby Jesus' birthday.

After Ho Ho gifts we had an excellent breakfast, and then we started to prepare lunch. Pa and Ta along with Uncle Jeff and Jodi joined us. We had an excellent lunch full of turkey and the best Roast Beast ever. Eric grilled it and it was yummy! We had more food than we should have. After lunch John Hunter and Mommy and Daddy took a nap! When we woke up we joined everyone for gift opening.

As was before, he really liked taking the paper off. He also liked the gifts inside. He loved his Vikings outfit and his colts shirt. He kinda split his loyalty.... Vikings Pants/Colts Shirt. He also loved his stick pony, whom we named Charlie.

We took lots of photos, but here are a few. We had a wonderful Christmas. After saying goodbye to Pa and Ta we all put on our pj's and we are not watching Prince Caspian. Tomorrow we are going sledding and ice skating. But more importantly we are going to pick up my iphone!!!! YEAHHH!!!! I could not be more thrilled!

Merry Christmas to All.... and to all a good night!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we had a delightful time in the snow. John Hunter went and played in the snow and had a wonderful time sledding. I officially decided I was not made for cold weather. However he loved every minute of it!

After sledding and napping we went to candlelight Christmas Eve service at City Hill. We went with the whole family and it was a delight. I do have to share a funny story.... there was a trio of musical instruments playing O Holy Night... when it was over John Hunter ripped a huge burped and started cracking up.

We came home and had the traditional Oyster Stew and Chili. And got the little one all ready for Christmas Morning. We put out cookies for Santa and John Hunter had a hard time understanding that Santa was eating them and not him. He was a crack up this morning when the cookies were gone... stay tuned for Christmas Day 2008!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas with Gigi and Granddad

We celebrated Christmas this past Sunday with Gigi and Granddad, and boy was it grand. It was so much fun to experience Christmas thru the eyes of our little one. He loved every moment from the candlelight service, to his Christmas pj's, to blowing out the candles of Baby Jesus' Cake. And he loved the presents... but really he liked the paper. He wanted to help each and everyone of us tear off all the paper!

Here are a few pics of our blessed day!

We left Sunday morning after breakfast with Gigi and Granddad and drove to Indiana. We spent the evening there and Eric went to work bright and Early on Monday. John Hunter loved the hotel and thought it so cool to run around the halls.

After daddy got home from work we left for Minnesota. We only told Aunt Sarah we were coming. The trip was pretty uneventful until we got about 45 miles east of Minneapolis. John Hunter got sick and threw up everywhere. He kept saying I spit. It smelled so bad that Eric and I had to bury our face in our shirts and roll the windows down in -9 degree weather. I was snorting hand sanitizer... just to kill the smell. Well we made it and Nana and Big Daddy were thrilled to see us. And John Hunter has been a champ ever since.

Stay tuned for more Christmas....

Friday, December 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been busy busy busy the past few days... between friends, Christmas parties, and getting ready to go to MN I feel like we have not stopped. So here has been our week in review.

We had john Hunter Christmas party at school where he sang Jingle Bells, ate cookies, and had fun with his friends.***&* YES I KNOW MY EYE IS GETTING WORSE!!!

That night we had Hayden and B over for our annual ornament exchange and gingerbread decorating. Those boys are a hoot together. We are so thankful for them. Our life would not be complete without them!

Then Thursday night we had my MUMS group over for dessert. Those ladies are so much fun and I am so thankful for each and every one of them. Kelly brought her little boy Jase over and he and John Hunter had a grand ole' time. So much so that we knew they were playing upstairs around the steps. Eric came out to get something and reported to us that they were naked. As in jase and helped JH unzip his footed PJ's and take off his diaper. They had turned the music up and emptied the toys out everywhere and were having a dance party..... it was too darn cute!

We are celebrating Christmas this weekend with my parents... so stayed tuned for me!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hard to believe...

It is really hard for me to believe that so cute

Can do this...Lets just say John Hunter has a good arm, but also has great aim with a golf ball! By the way family pictures were this morning at 10. I am hoping the make up covered it up... but I put my full trust in Jill (

Eric was home this weekend and we just hung out, and played. The boys wore "like" hats to church so here is a cute picture of them.

I am getting some serious wrapping done this weekend... Only a few more gifts left to go! (let me just say if you are getting a gift from the White House it will look just like this)

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday

On this installment of Thankful Thursday I am very thankful for Friday. Cause when it is Friday it means that Eric is coming home! Yes I was with him for a couple of days this week but I think that made it even harder.... but tomorrow is Friday and my baby is coming home!

This week I also compeleted the devotions I needed to turn in for Church. I write the devos for different series at church. This one happened to be on "song of Solomon"....I had the Love at first sight. I know it may sound easy... but it was harder than I thought. I am happy to report that all 5 days are done and turned in!!!! YEAH!
I am also thankful for the fact that I have all my teacher gifts wrapped and under the tree:) That is one more thing that I can check off my list.

Today I am extra thankful for my parents.... I would totally lost without them during this transition (well really just always) But they have really stepped up to the plate. This week along they watched John Hunter and both dogs for 2 nights. Dad has stayed here till late in the night so that I can go and monogram, mom is always willing to pitch in and help... even if it is to just ride along so I dont have to get John Hunter out of the car.... they are awesome and I could not be more thankful or blessed for such wonderful parents.... I love you guys!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 2 In Indy

We the only words that can sum up day 2 in Indy is RAIN! It poured all day long. My sweet hubs let me sleep in a little this morning while he went into work. I got up, took time and got ready, watched the today show and ate a cream horn. A morning without Miss PattyCake was so enjoyable!

We met the Realtor at 9:30 A.M. and said good-bye to him at 4PM. (This is Bob. I just thought you might want to see him!) So all that to say we looked at 13 houses and drove around like mad men. I can tell you what neighborhoods I like but I could not tell you where anything is.

Some of the houses were terrible... as in walk in take one look and say, "nope, not for me." Others I would walk in try and place furniture see what "touches" Granddad and Gigi could make and stay a while. There was about 25 Min. for lunch which consisted of chips and salsa (thankful for that cream horn).

Out of the 13 houses there were 2 to write home about. Funny enough they were in the same neighborhood. So that might be a good sign. Here is a picture of my "fav".

Next trip we will do the same thing in the Carmel area.... this process is overwhelming to me. I told Eric I am so overwhelmed. I wanted to stay with him, but wanted to be home with John Hunter. This is harder than I thought. So please continue to pray our house sells and the LORD leads us to the perfect house in Indy.

I drove 3 hours home in the pouring rain, and nothing could have been more perfect than to come into my parents house and hear "Hi Mommy". I love that little guy.
Well the only other thing that could be perfect was the massage I booked for next week!

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's the Little Things

So today is my first official day in IN. And here are my thoughts:

- It's cold ( i mean really cold)
- I am overwhelmed
- It's not that bad
- Shopping is great
- All the streets have numbers and not names
- I think I can do it!

Today we got up early and went an decorated/rearranged Eric's office. And i have to say it looks great ( I will take pictures tomorrow). Then I went out on my own and did a little sightseeing and went to the local story (MARSH). I called my friend Estelle who just moved to a new city and told her you really feel out of sorts when you don't know any radio stations or have a loyalty card at the local store!

Eric and I drove to the Carmel area and it was so quaint. There we had such a divine appointment. We walked around and stumbled upon this little resturant called Woody's that is the basement of the Library. There was no room so we sat at the bar. The owner "Woody" waited on us and we noticed that he had on a Northview Christian Church shirt. This is the church we have heard a lot about and find to be very good. We struck up a conversation with him and he invited us to church with him and his wife, told us all about the area, and then didn't charge us for our YUMMY lunch, sort of a welcome to IN area. Now I know this sounds simple, but it meant so much to me. I thought I could just cry!

We also looked at houses with the realtor today... saw a great house with a bad location. But there are several to choose from. So we are going again tomorrow. That whole process was overwhelming to me.

We then went back to Eric's work and I just hung out. Came back to the hotel and took at 2.5 hour nap at 4 PM. Can we just give a shout out to Gigi and Granddad for making that happen:o) We love you guys.

After our nap we did a little shopping. Well window shopping that is. Sax 5th Ave. When we walked it it called to me... I could smell it through the cold I have. And there she was it the prefectly shaped purple bottle.... Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace!!!I need/want this. They only sell it at Sax and I was introduced to in by Angie Smith.... oh how sweet and intoxicating it is (oh wait expensive too). So to say the least we did not walk away with 3 oz for $200, but we got a sample. And I have never been more excited to have a sample in my life.

So all in all this day has been good. It has been wonderful to reconnect with Eric. To talk and pray about this move, and relax. Tomorrow I will update with more Indy Recap!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

So yesterday Santa was at our local Krogers... so we went. I was having a hard time with this one because $25 for a scream fest at the local mall just didnt seem to make sense. Free at Kroger's... priceless. So we got geared up and went.

At first little man was not at all pleased with the idea. He just clung on to gigi. But I still took pics. Santa gave us a candy cane and that caused us to warm up a little. We went on with our shopping and talked about Santa the whole time. Gigi got us this awesome hat as well... we love it! And have warn it ever since!So after we check out we gave it another whirl. Only this time some random kid came to our rescue. John Hunter was taken back by him. He went right up to Santa and told him that he wanted a police car and piano for Christmas. So funny! Well her are some photos of Santaland :o)