Monday, March 24, 2008

Resurrection Weekend

We had a wonderful Resurrection Weekend. It started with a chilly Saturday morning Easter Egg Hunt at the church. It was about 44 degrees but the wind was blowing and Mr. Sun decided not to shine. John Hunter was thrilled to be there. When we pulled up to the ball field where his age group was hunting he kept saying "ball ball ball" because he thought all the eggs were balls. He did great hunting. He had is one particular method he would choose one from each area ignoring all the rest around his feet and then he would RUN to the next area. After about 20 min. Mommy, Daddy and Gigi were frozen so we left. John Hunter was so sad, but got lots of great treats to comfort him.Saturday night we went to church. It was a treat. We let John Hunter sit with us and he did an awesome job. After each song...he yelled "YEAH" and clapped his hands. So I guess he has his own style of worship.Easter morn we got up and Eric played us some Easter songs.... UP FROM THE GRAVE HE AROSE! and we read the Easter story. Then we found what the Easter Bunny left for us. I think the bubble wand has to be the hit... or it may be the bat and ball that the Easter Bunny left in the back of mommy's car:( We got dressed up and went to Easter brunch with Gigi and Granddad and ate way too much. It was so good. We saw the Easter Bunny and John Hunter did great considering we are still scared from Santa Claus.
Hope everyone had a joyous Easter celebrating the life of Jesus.

Oh... by the way when we woke up this morning our yard that Eric mowed on Friday was covered in snow... GO FIGURE!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday-- Insallment #1

I don't know how many of you all know this about me... BUT I LOVE EASTER. Really love it. Some of my fondest memories as a child have to do with easter. White gloves, hat, shoes (for sure white), easter baskets, easter plays, anything Easter.

As I have gotten older I still love Easter but for more mature reasons. Now don't get me wrong... I love that my son has the cutest Easter outfit this side of the Mississippi, I love that I will be sporting a FULL searsucker suit (3 sizes smaller than last year) and I love that tomorrow at 10:30 Eric and I will take John Hunter to his first Easter Egg Hunt.

But it is more. Last night Eric and I read the Last Supper to John Hunter. Honestly I could not make it through without crying. I thought about how God loved His son so much, and sent him to the cross. As Eric held John Hunter I was overwhelmed with sadness. Today as I awoke and realized it was Good Friday I has so many things rushing through my mind. But I needed to take time and think. For me sometimes the best way is through music. I was reminded of this old Twila Paris song. And I as sang along the tears flowed.

Your only Son
No sin to hide
But You have sent Him,
From Your side
To walk upon this guilty sod
And to become the Lamb of God

Your gift of Love
They crucified
They laughed and scorned him as he died
The humble King
They named a fraud
And sacrificed the Lamb of God

Oh Lamb of God, Sweet lamb of God
I love the Holy Lamb of God
Oh wash me in His precious Blood
My Jesus Christ the Lamb of God

I was so lost I should have died
But You have brought me to Your side
To be led by Your staff and rod
And to be call a lamb of God


Oh wash me in His precious Blood
My Jesus Chris the Lamb of God

I know that Jesus loves me. But the reflection of how he showed it. I was so encouraged to show love to others today. And I was convicted to start right here at home (mainly with my husband who I was less this nice to last night and this morning).

All this to say. Happy Easter. As you go through your weekend have fun at all the Easter stuff. But remember the Love of Christ!

*** By the way... over the next to days I will be highlighting Easter songs!!!***

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Calendar Crunch

So whoever decided to put St. Patrick's day and Easter within a week of each other, clearly did not have a 1 year old in Mom's day out. On Sunday I found myself making sugar cookie dough and then dying it green to produce 85 clover shaped cookies. To which each child received a treat bag with 4 cookies tied with green ribbon and a note on green paper with a shamrock on it that said, Happy St. Patrick's day from John Hunter..... Sorry but I did not take any pics of the cookies, however I do have a cute pic of the buddy in his green outfit.!Then today we are taking Easter treats.... and not just any old Easter treats.... cool ones. I worked for a long time yesterday on the kids treats and a separate treat for the teachers. Half way through Eric asked "do you like doing this" to which I resounded YES! So I know I can thank my Gran for this. She has instilled in me that each day is a great day especially when it is a holiday! (By the way she decorated for flag day and mother's day)

Well without much further ado here are the pics. Oh I do need to send a thank you to my mom for letting me use her candy molds and to Vicky (my mother in law) for the cake pan!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Eric's First Blog....

To all who have ever had a hopelessly futile discussion with a member of the opposite sex:

The Sunday School song, "This Little Light of Mine" - sung by thousands of us church-kids growing up has been brought to new light (pun not intended, but I laughed out loud when Kendra pointed this phrase out to me) this week in my life.

My beautiful wife 'called me out' on some of my lyrics as I sang them aloud:

"Hide it under a bush, Oh No"

To which she said, "No, No, No - it's, 'Hide it under a bushel, NO! I'm gonna let it shine.!" (To be fair she does have a degree in Christian Education from a gloriously overpriced private university)

To which I replied, "you're an idiot." (maybe it wasn't that harsh…)

I then got 'scientific' and said, "a bushel is merely a unit of measurement and can't actually impede the flame of a fire, but a bush is a literal object that could be placed above a flame to cause it to extinguish." (okay, I didn't really say these exact words, but you get the picture…)

To which She replied, "you're an idiot."

To which I replied, "Google-it." (the clear solution to ALL marital strife)

A quick Google-search reveals that sure-enough a "bushel" is merely a unit of measurement, and not synonymous with the bushel basked we're all familiar making with our cupped hand while singing this song. I also found enough lyrics defending BOTH of our "right answers" via Google.

Soooo... to our family and friends... what one is it....

01. "Hide it under a bushel, NO! I'm gonna let it shine."
02. "Hide it under a bush, Oh NO! I'm gonna let it shine."
03. "Hide it under a bushel basket lined with fire-retardant fabric, Oh NO! I'm gonna let it shine."

Please advise this feuding couple with the knowledge that your response may influence how a young John Hunter White learns a cherished Sunday School song (the bush way... or the wrong way).


The Whites (E, K and JH)

PS. Our next installment of "The Whitehouse Discussions" will be a complete dissection of the childhood game known as duck duck GRAYDUCK... not duckduckgoose

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekend fun

We have had such a fun weekend. Minus the snow storm that came we had a blast. Stein, Beth, and Lucy came in town to help celebrate Carson's birthday. They arrived Friday as the snow was coming in. We met at Panera for lunch and then put the kiddos down for a nap. We let the kids play and I have to say they played so well together. Eric put the kids on the blanket and whisked them across the hardwood floor. They both seemed to love it.. as always it hurts my heart because I get so scared!

John Hunter loved having a playmate, especially one he could show off for! Before the kids went to bed we thought that tub time was a must. They were a hoot in the tub... they was so "exploring" going on, but that is a story for another day!
When we woke up Saturday morning we had about 5 inches of snow. But we put our party clothes on and celebrated that Carson was turning 1! We had a blast at his party. With the exception of John Hunter throwing a football and knocking over the drinks onto the carpet and hitting Carson's great grandmother in the head. The words mortified don't even begin to describe how Eric and I felt. Oh well.... at least it all came up and all is well!

Here are some more pics from the party!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Who does he look like

So today John Hunter found a CD full of photos of Eric and I. They are some of the photos that we used for our wedding slide show. I did find myself thinking... oh how young we look. I mean it was just 4 years ago but wow.Then other pics on there made me cry. This one is a birthday party we had for my grandmother before she passed away. I forgot how much I loved this picture. Now i love it even more because the lady between me and my mom is my Aunt Shirley who passed away 2 years ago!

Here I am as a little girl reading with my Gran.

Then I kept finding pics of Eric at John Hunter's age and me. So I thought I would put a few on here, and see who you think he looks like???


We are alive

Just wanted to let every one know we are alive. We have had a busy week. Last weekend Eric's mom came in town which was super fun. John Hunter was thrilled to have a playmate from sun up to sun down. Not to mention how nice it was for mommy and daddy. Thanks Nana for the visit!While picking Nana up from the airport John Hunter got to meet his newest buddy Abram. Jarod and Amy Kees (Eric and I's really good friends) had Abram on Thanksgiving. We have seen his once before, but this was JH first encounter with him. He was not really all that into the baby since he had Jarod throwing balls at him like crazy. He is the cutest little thing... totally opposite from our blonde hair blue eyed fair skined buckaroo!
Then I got sick. I don't mean a little... I mean thought I was dying sick. It started on Tuesday morning and really I started to feel better on Saturday. Wednesday I had to have mom come just get the buddy because I feel asleep on the couch while he was just wondering around.

We are on the mends now and looking to have a great week. We have busy week but are so glad to be healthy... oh we should have bought stock in Clorox because we used A LOT of it this weekend!