Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank you

Thanks to everyone for the prayers for my family. We had the funeral yesterday and all went well. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

On a lighter note I thought I would share some pics of John Hunter. He is just the funniest kids ever. He makes us laugh everyday. I know I have said it before but he is 100% ALL BOY. Dirt, trucks, motorcycles, and balls make him very happy. But so does his mommy. This past weekend we had some friends over for dinner. This is a pic of John Hunter and Hayden in the hammock. I have this same picture from exactly one year ago as well. I am trying really hard to find it on my computer. But I thought the boys looked so cute. Neither wanted anything to do with the hot dog all they wanted to do is something outside with Tye. But they sure did have a fun time together.

On Friday Eric had to do some work on the mower and he needed a little helper. John Hunter loved the power washer as well as all the dirt that came off the mower. He just loves to be dirty but I really think it is because he loves a bath:)

We don't really have much planned for the rest of the week. I am speaking to the Middle School students again tonight on "SEX" and we are kind of doing an interview panel. One of the questions I am being asked is "With all the teaching we have done the past couple of weeks, what one thing do you want to instill in John Hunter as he grows up so when he sits here he will know the TRUTH about intimacy?" As I thought about that question this morning all I could think about is my sweet baby in Middle School. I still have to get him to Kindergarten, but I guess it is never to early to instill the fact that purity paves the way to intimacy!

But until there here are a few more pics....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Please Pray

To my friends and family, I am asking for your prayers for my family. My sweet Aunt Dona went home to be with Jesus on Saturday morning. The next couple of days hold a lot of family events. Dona went in to surgery to get her tonsils taken out, sinus' stretched, and something else for her breathing. She was doing well and laughing, my cousin Diana stayed the night with her at the hospital and thought that the surgery went well because she did not hear her snoring. Went over to check on her, and she was gone.

This is my mom's side of the family. Aunt Dona was married to mu Uncle David, who died 5 years ago next week. She just turned 61 last Friday. Like my mom said, she has always been around. She had been apart of the family since she was 11 and married my Uncle David at 15. She leaves behind my 5 cousins and their families. It saddens me to the core to think they are like orphans... no parents. All of my cousins have kids and some are older but some are younger and the thought they will not know their grandparents really gets me.

Let me leave you with one story... my cousin Wendy (Dona's daughter) was in her room when her son Austin who is 6 came in. And he said, "momma, I had so much more I needed to tell Granny. But Mommy, that is why we should tell everyone how much we love them every day, because we don't know how many day's the LORD is going to let us tell them." All I can say is... out of the mouth of babes!

Friday, April 18, 2008

100 Things About Me

So I have officially been tagged. A great friend of mine tagged me so here are 100 things about me. This will more likely be more than you will ever want to know:)

1. I am the wife of Eric and the mom of John Hunter (18 months)
2. We just got back from a really fun night of shopping, going to the pet store, and meeting our friends the Purvis' for dinner and desserts:)
3. I love COUNTRY music.
4. I love to drive around on a spring night singing out the top of my lungs... it sounds better that way!
5. I graduated from LCA in 1998 and met my two dearest friends there in the 7th grade.
6. It is my 10 year high school reunion and I stress about it now... for more reasons than you will ever know.
7. I am passionate about teaching young girls how much Jesus loves them and that there VALUE comes from only Him.
8. I am a firm believer in manners.
9. I started a children's clothing and accessories company with my friend Angie and we have blast doing it.
10. Our house is on the market :(
11. My parents are awesome.. they live across the street and they always know what I need.
12. I am an only child.
13. I have 2 great sister in laws and 2 wonderful brother in laws. They are super fun and I love when we are all together... the highlight for me may have been the party bus after Anna and Ben's wedding (sorry Sarah)
14. My inlaws are great and live in Minnesota. I like to think I have brought some Southern charm into their lives.
15. I graduated from Asbury college with a degree in Christian education.
16. I met my husband at Focus on the Family institute in Colorado.
17. The summer of 2001 in colorado may have been the best summer ever.
18. I love my husband more than anything... he makes me laugh, cry, and sometimes want to pull my hair out, but he would walk through fire for me and with me.
19. All four of my grandparents played a MAJOR role in my life, but they are with Jesus know and each day I think about how much they would love John Hunter... I tell him about them often.
20. I love to shop.
21. I just bought a short jean skirt today and I don't think I wore one of those since the late 80's.
22. We honeymooned in Jackson Hole, WY
23. My mom can sew, and made the amazing curtains in my house. My dad built our house!
24. I have owned 3 cars in my whole life.
25. More like 30 cell phones... I love a new cell.
26. College was so much fun, and I have so many fun memories.
27. John Hunter was born via c-section
28. I run... I did not say like to run, but run!
29. I need some new running shoes.. any suggestions!
30. I hate to cook. But my husband is a WONDERFUL cook!
31. I like to clean... and can be a little obsessive.
32. I am a jealous person,
33. The LORD has use this last year to prune back things in my life. But I am trusting that fruit will be soon.
34. John Hunter is a birth control blessing!
35. I love to hear John Hunter laugh. It comes from his belly and makes his whole body shake.
36. I HATE HATE HATE ironing. This is a problem considering that my husband wears a suit and tie every day!!! So 32 shirts await me. Please don't suggest the dry cleaners.
37. They do not make a pair of jeans that fit me.... at least today!
38. I threw a pity party this week... some of you were invited! I am sorry for that!
39. I love Southern Gospel music. Vestal Goodman will meet me at the pearly gates.
40. I have sung on stage with Amy Grant.
41. Currently I am stressed about what John Hunter will wear for school pictures on Monday.
42. After I run in the morning I am praying that Eric makes cream cheese crepes.
43. I am learning the difference between a need and a want.
44. I am dying to paint my nails... I am not sure when that will happen!
45. Easter is my favorite holiday... Up from the Grave he arose!
46. My friend Britney makes me very proud. She wears so many hats for me! Thanks friend.
47. My dad and I like to go on dates to White Castle.
48. My mom and I love to go on walks.
49. I want to be the next Beth Moore, for so many reasons...
50. I need to do laundry...
51. I am stopping here for tonight... I think I may do my nails!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Need your help...

I am writing this to you because I am in need of your help! In 2 weeks I am speaking to the Middle School Ministry at Southland (our Church). Specifically to the girls. The topic is on identity, intimacy, and you guessed it... sex!

I want to share some real truth with these girls. I will not be getting too techinical, but I want them to know that the choices they make today may have an effect on their life in ways they may not know. Being that all of us have made it through middle school and high school, I would love your thoughts on the following categories. Just email me back things you would like to share with the girls or things you wish you had know when you were in Middle School (I am talking from anything to why did I wear that or carry that purse:.. NO COMMENTS ESTELLE OR WHIT or I wish I had not compromised what I believed in and settled for something less).

- What do you wish you could have told yourself when you were in Middle School?

- What choices did you make about Identity.. how did you define yourself? your clothes, your friends, your boyfriend, athletics, etc.

- What decision you made that effect you now?

- Anything else you want to share with the young, precious girls!

Thanks so much for you help! I will let you know how it goes!


Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Been a Long Time

So I know it has been a long time and I realize that it is 6:30 in the morning. But for some reason I cannot sleep:)

We have had an eventful past couple of weeks. John Hunter and I flew to Maryland with Carson and Jen to visit Beth and Lucy (Stein too) for Lucy's first birthday! We had an early flight last Friday and drove to Louisville in the floods. The boys did great and slept till we got to the airport. However that was the last time they slept until the went to be that night.

We got to visit with my Aunt Pat and Uncle Alan and have brunch because we were starving:) Then we just played and hung out with the kiddos. Lucy got her first haircut and looks so cute and the kids played so well together.
It was fun all being together. Carson is such a joy and his little face always makes me smile. Lucy is the funniest child and she knows it. She loves to laugh and she loves to make you laugh. John Hunter got 3 teeth while we were there and was a little clinging. But he loves the kids and all the different toys:) And what kid doesn't love a birthday party. Thanks Beth, Stein, and Lucy for having us!

When we got home we needed some daddy time. Although John Hunter was obsessed with "Momee" (he sounds like a little French kid when he says it) he wanted his dad. So what do dads and boys do. They mow the lawn. I can see in the near future this is what our summer days will look like. I am thinking we need to put a call into Uncle John to see when we can get on the lawn crew:)
We also had some great visitors this week. The grand Auntie B and Uncle Richard came for a visit and who doesn't love that! The spoiled John Hunter with all the attention and he loved every moment of it. They also took some amazing shots of him on the swing. I will put those on here later:)

We don't have much on the docket for this weekend. Thunderstorms and cold weather but hopefully we will get into something fun. Hope all is well!