Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

We trust that everyone had a great Christmas. We had a great time... hopefully you will be able to tell by the photos. We have enjoyed relaxing and playing... the decorations are down and the house is ready to be cleaned, but since a maid didn't come in my stocking I will have to get on that tomorrow! Enjoy the photos!

Monday, December 24, 2007

It's Christmas Eve

We just wanted to say Merry Christmas from our family to yours. We have had a wonderful Christmas Eve full of fun, memories and new traditions. We relaxed and visited with friends most of the day.

This evening we went to Gigi and Granddads for dinner, were the new ball pit awaited him. It was HUGE hit. He loved it a lot! Hopefully you can tell by the pics. After dinner we each opened one gift a Zoeckler Family Tradition. I got Under Armor socks... who would have ever thought I would get so excited about running socks.

This picture is just pricesless to me. My boys playing football!!! Daddy is truly our little one's hero!After presents we loaded up and went to look at Christmas lights. Through a couple of neighborhoods and then to the local fire station. The light show was amazing. When you pulled up they told you what radio station to tune into, the music and lights were n'sync and it was magical.

After that we went home, put out cookies for Santa and said our prayers and John Hunter went to bed. Grandad and Eric played with the Wii...also a new family tradition. And mom and I attempted to put some toys together... but after much fail daddy had to step in.

John Hunter is snuggled warm in his bed.
Cookies for Santa a must daddy said.
When we said our prayers tonight,
we thanked Jesus for you on this Holy Night!

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Could not be more proud

We have had a great weekend. Eric's Christmas party was a huge success and we are still enjoying the leftovers. I am actually debating on whether or not to eat a piece of Red Velvet Cake right now or not... We have not done much all weekend, but it was been wonderful. I got almost all my shopping done.. with the exception of 3 gifts:) It has been really cold, windy, rainy and snowing so other than church this morning we have not gotten out... oh wait.. John Hunter and I made a trip to the local Hobby Lobby.

But the big news.... today John Hunter was playing in Eric's office while he was playing Madden and I was in the kitchen wrapping some presents. John Hunter came in carrying a piece of trash and showing it to me and talking. I watched him as he walked right to the trash can. Opened it up (the trashcan looks like a cabinet) threw the trash away and shut the trashcan. Then he clapped. I have never been so proud. He already knows how to clean up after himself. I was thrilled.

From there it was down hill seeing how we REFUSED to take an afternoon nap. I mean after 45 of SCREAMING in his crib we gave up!!! Oh well...

We don't have too busy of a week. John Hunter has Mom's Day Out Monday and Tuesday and I need to get his teacher gifts, but other than that I don't plan on doing much. Oh wait... the firehouse has an amazing light show and you tune your car radio to a certain station and the music goes along with it... he will LOVE it!

Until next time...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Prince of Peace

Two years ago at Christmas, Eric and I were furiously trying to finish building our home so that we could move in before the return of our Lord. It was absolutely the most stressful time of our marriage to date. There was not much holiday cheer. We chose not to bother with decorating since we had enough to deal with between the house and family on the way.

Last year was going to be the most wonderful Christmas of all time. It was going to be one that we talked about for years to come. We had an adorable two-month-old to add to all the joy of the season. It was his first Christmas, so we would need to document every little thing that happened and make everything as special as possible. We had a very cute house to decorate to our hearts' content. And boy, did we. Looking back, I can see that I was putting, hmmmm, just a leetle bit of pressure on, well, everyone and everything for it to be nothing less than magical. It makes me tired just thinking about it. And, honestly, I made no room in my heart for the baby Jesus. No room at all.

This year is going to be different. The name of the game is peace. Financial peace. Family peace. Peace in our schedule. Peace inside my house. (With about half the decorations we have instead of it looking like I robbed Hobby Lobby.) Peace outside my house. (With about half the Christmas lights we had last year, when Eric channeled Clark Griswold). Peace in my expectations. Peace in my heart with God.

Peace is something I will fight for this year. I want to enjoy this Christmas without all the self-inflicted pressure, unreasonable expectations, and needless distractions. I need there to be room for the baby Jesus, who, incidentally, is our peace.

I think if Mary had given birth to Jesus in 2007, she might have gone on eBay and ordered some custom-painted letters that spelled out his name on the wall. She might have emailed a picture of his crib bedding to the artist so that she could make it all match. To spell P-R-I-N-C-E O-F P-E-A-C-E would have cost Mary an arm and a leg. She might have even hoped Joseph wouldn't notice the $150 to PayPal on their bank statement. But those 13 letters are worth all the money in the world. They're the most lavish, expensive, mind-blowing, life-changing present we could ever give or get.

Colossians 3:12-17
Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Hayden

Yesterday was John Hunter's best bud's 1st birthday. Hayden was so sweet to invite us to his party. And guess who was there... old St. Nick! And John Hunter did not want to be his friend! Just take a look at the photos that follow.

We have been busy this last week. Eric and I were out of town in Easton, OH for the MetLife Christmas party! We left of Friday morning REALLY early. Eric was in a meeting all day, and I shopped. If you have never been to Easton, OH it is a MUST. It is technically Columbus, but this is a small area. There are cobblestone street, carriages, trolleys, etc. that take you all over the 88 acres of shopping. After Eric's meeting we all ate at Brio and it was delicious. We had a great time.

We came home Saturday, and John Hunter was so glad to see us. He stayed at GiGi and Granddads. They had a great time.. although he did NOT sleep. I think he just missed us! Then we went to the big birthday bash.
Today we went to church and just hung out at home. We have a busy week with Christmas parties and plays. Eric and I are hosting the Metlife Lexington Office Christmas party on Friday at our home so that will consume my whole week.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's all about Pudding

So if you could have seen my to do list today, you would have laughed. I needed to get a lot done but sometimes that can be really hard to do with a teething toddler. So when he woke up from his nap I went to the store and mom kept him. My list kept getting longer... at least in my head. So what is a mom to do, but paint with pudding.

I made some sugar free pudding with whole milk thinking that would be a great way to get some milk down the buddy... he is not really a huge fan. Well the only colors I could find were orange and green. So once the pudding was ready, I divided it into small bowls and colored it. He thought it was so cool... little did he know what I was about to do next.

I put him in his eat seat, with only a diaper. And plopped the pudding. To say the least... it was a HUGE HIT. He was covered, he ate a ton, and he laughed and laughed. I was in stitches.
The point of the painting was to get some stuff done, he was having so much fun I was so consumed with enjoying him... I GOT NOTHING DONE! Here are some photos of our future Van Gogh or maybe Emeril! At least we know he will not be GREEN forever!


Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday GiGi

Today is Gigi's birthday and we celebrated in style. This morning before John Hunter went to school we took Gigi to breakfast. He looked so cute... not in the outfit above (that was from Thanksgiving)! Gigi was so proud and showed him off.

Later this afternoon the three of us went shopping at Hobby Lobby, Target, and Joseph Beth. We had a big time, and John Hunter was a hoot. This evening we went to Regatta's for dinner and Dad and Eric met us there. She opened some fun presents and then we walked around the festival of trees. It was fun times.

My mom has always been there for me, and I can truly say I am so honored to call her mom. I would have not made it through the first year of motherhood without her. She is a godly women and had ALWAYS put her family first. Those 2 qualities make me want to be like her more and more every day. Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Fun

We had such a fun thanksgiving full of family and fun... oh and of course food. John Hunter has clearly enjoyed ALL of the attention from ALL the family here. He has had his photo taken SOOO many times and has become a true ham. Here is a photo of me and my sister in laws.. and then all of our family.
On Friday we went shopping... let me clarify, we stood in line, Vicky (my mother in law) and Anna (my sister in law) left for Toys R Us at 5:30 AM. We were in line at 6 and were still waiting in line at 7:45. However we did get some GOOD deals, but I am not sure if it was worth it. Beside that, after 30 min i sent them to Target, but they could not even get out of the parking lot. So by the time I got checked out... they had only moved 50 feet. From there we went to the mall which was MUCH better and we still got some great deal.

Later that after noon we got the tree put up so we are officially decorated. We watched movies, played games, and had fun. Today we did some more shopping and went to church. Eric and his dad have gone to the UK Basketball game, and Vicky and I went to dinner with John Hunter and then watched ELF and wrapped gifts.

Tomorrow we will be resting.... and I mean TRULY resting. Monday is Gigi's birthday so I am sure we will have big fun then.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Watch Out Martha

Today was a fun day. I took John Hunter to school and went to Walmart for the 3rd time in 15 hours... but I think all the shopping is done and to be honest, if it is not... so what! Oh with Walmart I had to go to Krogers to get lunch meat because Eric only likes the meat at Krogers but the cheese at Walmart.

I got all my outdoor lights done, that is because it is 70 in November. But at least it is done and I do have to say I love it.

John Hunter and I went to the Dr. and he got his flu shot. He hated every moment of it! He came home and took a good nap which is just what mommy wanted.

Now the fun part.... My Grande Auntie and I have been waiting to do this project since we found it over a month ago. So here it is.... a Thanksgiving cornucopia made out of bread sticks. You can see the progression of it. Tomorrow we are going to fill it with fruit, nuts and leaves. Martha's got nothing on me.

Also, for all you moms out there... I found some AMAZING Christmas card crafts to do with the little ones in the Family Fun Magazine... check them out!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Its the most Wonderful time....

We have been busy this week getting things ready for our company. We are so excited about Thanksgiving. Eric's parents are coming in from MN and his sister Sarah from CO, and his sister Anna and her husband from MO. Then at my parents house my Aunt B and Uncle Richard are coming from the beach and Uncle Alan and Aunt Pat from Maryland will be here. We love a full house.

So all week I have been organizing and getting ready. Really what that means is I have been decorating for Christmas. Now let me just say I am not really one to do this early, but with all these people coming I thought I would just rather go ahead and get it done. We are all decorated except the tree. I think we will do that with Eric's family, unless I just decided to go ahead a get it ALL done.

John Hunter is loving the decorations. He is especially found of ANYTHING that sings or plays music and ALL snowmen.

However tonight at Wal Mart I got him the Little People Nativity set and I really think he will enjoy that. He loves mine and thinks that all the animals are Tye. As you can see he REALLY loves Tye.

As far as the rest of this weekend we are just laying pretty low. Cleaning, preparing, and getting excited. Everyone arrives on Tuesday, and John Hunter is getting his second flu shot that day. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

All Boy

We have had a great couple of days. With the exception of the last hour. John Hunter and daddy were playing in the bedroom while mommy was on the phone with one her jr. high girls, talking about why boys are so stupid. I heard a loud scream and then it was followed by LOTS of crying!!! When I ran into the room here is what I found.My poor baby with the bad eye. As you can see he was laughing before he went to bed . He will for sure have a good shiner in the morning. Good thing I already laid out his clothes and he is wearing his football outfit.

Other than the eye, we have had a pretty fun day! We have just played! Last night we went to some friends house for Eric to help fix there TV and John Hunter played so well with the twins and Hayden. They had a big time. Walking around with the cars and playing. The girls watched Ratatoee (sp?) and pretended they were fixing food for the boys.

Here are a few shots of JOhn Hunter in the cold weather. He loves HATS and even more his scarf. Why a 1 year old would love a scarf can only be anwsered by the statement... HE IS HIS MOTHER'S CHILD!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

All in one day!!!

This morning was a little rougher than usual. Eric heard John Hunter crying around 4 AM this morning and laid with him in the guest bedroom. But around 6:15 John Hunter was wide awake and ready for the day, so Eric brought him to me. After about 15 min. I realized he was in no mood to sleep, he just wanted to play. So I agreed.

It is amazing to me how much to can do before 8:30 AM. I got all the laundry done, beds made, dish washer unloaded, dinner prepared, got ready for work, made breakfast (consisting of cheese eggs, toast, and yougart) which may not sound like much but that is WAY more than a normal week day breakfast.

I am not sure if i was able to get it all done because I was so motivative to get it all done before work, or if because John Hunter found a new love. The cabinet drawers... and all they contain! He thought he was a hoot.

After work we finished the Christmas card I did for some friends... I really think it is cute, now I am ready to do ours! Then we went to vote!!! He was way too cute when he pushed the green button. I wanted to take photos but they would not let me! Oh well!

The buddy went to bed a little bit ago and I FINISHED the ironing (if you know me that means all 38 shirts are DONE... well minus the one Eric is still wearing)!! So I am off to bed myself!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend. Eric got home Friday afternoon and we just had dinner and just played around the house.

Saturday John Hunter and I went to baby shower for our friend Meg who is having a little girl. It was fun to see friends and John Hunter was wore out because when we got home he slept for 3 hours. We went to church and did everything we could to keep him up for an extra hour to help off set the time change. It somewhat worked. He slept his regular 12.5 hours, but he was still up asy 6:41 AM so mommy was REALLY ready for a morning nap. The time change was kinda hard for him And it must have been hard to mommy and daddy too... because we were in bed and asleep last night at 7:40.

BUT THE BIGGEST NEWS: John Hunter took his first steps yesterday. It was a big day all around because Adrian Peterson from the Vikings (daddy's team) broke the rushing yard record, and at the same time... first steps were taken. We have done it a couple more times... but we are still a little hesitatnt.

Today he went to school and they told me he was the class clown. I don't know if that is good or not. Today for dinner he had a pb and j sandwich and he loved it. He has had pb sandwiches before, but Tye usually gets some... add some jelly and poor Tye felt left out.
Check out this little video.... Sorry it is to the side. Not sure how to change it...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat 2007

So our Little Stinker had a big day. This afternoon we went down to my mom's office (8 OBGYN's) and took him in his costume. He was so cute. The loved all the attention. Those docs know what they are doing because he got some great treats. Fruit, teddy grahams, and suckers. Although Mommy has not been brave enough to let him open those yet. She just may save those for her and daddy.

After coming home and having a great nap. Our friends the Stone's came over to visit the Little Stinker. Caroline and John Hunter are big buds. She is so wonderful with him and he loves her. She comes over sometimes just to play with him so I can get some cleaning and other things done around the house. It is so nice to have such a sweet girl like that. I love this second picture of them... they almost look like they could be related.

After there visit we went on a wagon ride through the neighborhood. Although we didn't see many kids at first after a while we did. John Hunter just loves to be outside and thought he was big stuff on a wagon ride with mommy and daddy and TYE. He loves TYE! After we came in Gigi and Granddad came over for a visit with his favorite treat. Yogart covered rasins...! On our way upstairs we noticed that the next door neighbor was passing out treats and wasn't out before. He is a single guy and had done all this cool stuff and no one was at his door, so John Hunter and I went over to get some treats. Let me just say I am glad we did. I swear the cookie I just ate was the best thing I have every put in my MOUTH! Now are little sinker is in bed, resting his head.

Daddy is going out of town in the Morning so we have a couple of days full of cleaning and organizing. So that should be fun! Hopefully we will be able to get a few fun things in like a visit or two with friends!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Say Cheese

So I always knew in my heart I was supposed to be a mom. Last week was a little trying with John Hunter being sick, and there were times I thought... oh my gosh what am I doing.

John Hunter was all better today and so I took him to Mom's Day Out while I worked for a couple of hours. He will go tomorrow as well, but not on Wednesday. So since he isn't going on Halloween I thought I would bring in a pumpkin treak for all his friends. So I asked Miss Jill what we could bring in. She said that we could pretty much do anything we wanted... but all the kids like cheese and crackers and it is pretty healthy... so I said deal.
Now most people would just bring in good old cheese cubes with crackers. But not me. When I told my dad what I was doing he just rolled his eyes. With all honesty I looked at him and said... it is your mom's fault I am this way. My Gran was so creative, as a teacher, mom, and grandmother, and I have always wanted to be like her.

So for the past 20 min. I have been cutting pumpkins out of slices of cheese that the Kroger's deli cut for me. I have to say... the pumpkin cheese is pretty cute, and although the 12 1-year olds will not even know it is a pumpkin... I do and that is all that matters.

I mean can I just say I cannot wait to be president of the PTA!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sick, Sick, Sick

I have to be honest, I am done with people in my house being sick. John Hunter has been sick since last Monday. I took him to the Dr. Monday afternoon because the week before he had an allergic reaction to his flu shot. At the office he was kinda whiney and a little warm with a runny nose. The doc checked his ears and throat and said he looked perfect, but he had 3 teeth coming in. So I just chalked it up to teething.

Well least to say we did not get much done the rest of the week with a sick baby. He was just so pitiful, couldn't breath, and was sick and tired of having his nose wiped. If that is not bad he got an infection in his left eye on Wednesday so that was a pain, and then one in his right eye! The poor kid has been through the ringer.

Then Eric got sick... now my husband is great at cooking, working, providing, and other sorts of task, but when he is sick... WATCH OUT! To be honest I thought I was going to have a break down. To the point where one night I had to run to the store just to get bananas... or to just get out of the house.

We have had a GREAT relaxing weekend of football and fun. And I pleased to report that everyone is on the mend. Expect me... well I am not sick, but my front tooth fell off (it is a LONG story and UNBELIEVABLE!) So my first task after dropping John Hunter off at school will be going to see the good ol' dentist. May I just recommend MetLife Dental Insurance:)

Friday, October 19, 2007

College Game Day

Well if you haven't heard yet, College Game Day is in Lexington. SO of course we had to go! We all got our UK gear on. I made signs, and we were good to go. We went the with Wainscott's, Taylor's, and Hargett's. And the kids had ball:)

I got to see Kurt from Game Day and that was awesome. However I was really disappointed that he wore his suit coat and Nike pants. We took some great photos and tomorrow we will go and cheer the Cats to a victory over the Gators!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

First Birthday

Ok... so here are the much awaited photos of the first birthday party. Eric and I woke up early that morning and went upstairs and started to sing Happy Birthday to John Hunter... I cried. We got balloons, cupcakes, etc. The little man had a good nap and then the party began. The children wore costumes, and John Hunter was a skunk! On the butt it said little stinker. The house was decorated to the nines. And then Gigi and Granddad came down with his wagon. He loved it... a side note... I do too.. it was so fun to take a walk with! Hope you all enjoy some of the photos. I am going to upload them all on snapfish and I will put that link on there when I am done! But thanks to my Grande Auntie there are over 300 to choose from!