Saturday, August 29, 2009

Michigan Wedding

We have traveled to Michigan this weekend for my cousin Michael's wedding. Who would have thought that I would live only 3 hours from Michigan, it is a sad reality, but nice that it was a short trip:) We were so excited to meet mom and dad here for the big event. We have had a great time of eating, shopping, and quality time... and most importanly celebrating the marriage of Michael and Kelly!

Here are some pics from the weekend...

How handsome does my little man look in his suit.. he kept saying he was going to work with daddy!

Best attempt at family photo!

Lost the coat, but he was bustin' a move on the dance floor!

Mom with her Brother Bill... the Father of the Groom!

Mom and dad and the happy couple... Kelly is just beautiful on the inside and out... John Hunter kept refering to her as an "angel"... so sweet! We had a great time and wish the couple a blessed and happy marriage!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I must recommend it....

So today has been one of those days...
we woke up at 7 to the roofers next door who were working WAY TOO EARLY!
Then we felt like it was hot and realized the air conditioner was NOT working.
I went to let Deacon out of the kennel and he had pooped EVERYWHERE...
Cleaned the kennel.... he smelled like poop which caused the house to smell like POOP
I was supposed to volunteer at church and 10 and it was 9:30 and a shower was a MUST
Showered, applied make-up, wore my hair wet, and walked out the door.
Had a great time volunteering at Mops, but was I was SUPER excited about was the new release of the Selah CD. As many of you know, I have follwed Angie's blog for a while now, and have even had the honor of meeting her and her family last fall. I feel like I am an adopted part of the family.
Well the new CD came out today and it is EXCELLENT. One because it has great songs on it, 2 because lots are hymns, and 3. the last song was written of her daugher Audrey and she shares her story on her as well.
So EVERYONE..... gather your money head to your local Christian bookstore and GO! Go and buy the CD, I promise you that you will not be dissapointed:)

Friday, August 21, 2009


So a couple of weeks ago Eric and I joined Costco. I had not been yet until today, and I think I died and went to heaven. I was wonderful. However I had to be careful not to buy one of everything. I loved it all. I did find some WONDERFUL things. A couple of baby gifts for my neice (how fun does that sound... I am gonna have a neice), some great stuff of JH (of course) and a few things on my birthday wish list for Mr. Magoo. The one thing that i walked away with that just must be shared is his Halloween Costume... He is going to be a FIREMAN!
Have you ever seen anything cuter? Just picture JH, his red wagon decorated like a fire truck, and Tye with black spots looking like Sparky the firedog... oh it is gonna be cute! I love costco!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


So for the past 2 weeks I have been stewing over what kind of lunchbox to get JH. When I say have done my research I have looked up and down and all around. The pottery barn kids lunch box that matches his backpack is what I wanted to get him. It is $22... and is adorable don't you think?

And it is even cuter in real life. Last Tuesday I even went to PBK to look at the lunch boxes. They are just precious, but then there is that darn little tag that says $22. That is a LOT of money to pay for a lunch box that he is only going to use 2 times a week. But it matches!!! This is the conversation I kept having with myself over and over in Pottery Barn. My friend Kelly was there so when I finally made the decision to NOT BUY THE LUNCHBOX, she encouraged me that I was making the right decision and that I was bein a good steward of our money.

Well I have let the lunch box go, although I go back to it A LOT when I think about him needing one, that was until today. This morning at church we were studying about Acts 3. Our pastor was talking about childhood hunger and other sorts of needs that were not met around our city. I cannot stop thinking about this analogy he used. Lucas Oil Stadium (where the Colts play) is brand new. It holds 63,000 people, it would need to filled FIVE TIMES to hold all of the children in Indiana who go hungry every day.

OUCH... these kiddos are not worried about what LUNCHBOX they have, but rather if they will have lunch or not. We are so blessed, JH does not have to worry about if he will have lunch, but these kids do. To think that I have spent the last 2 weeks of my life stewing over what KIND of lunch box, and these kids probably have not even eaten lunch. It just makes we sick to type that. How vain, disgusting, and plain wrong is that?

People it is time for a wake up call... what are you doing to help those in your community, family, and neighborhood? Be Jesus with skin, Be Jesus with feet, Be Jesus with hands, whatever it looks like for you, JUST GO it is what you were MADE to do!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Time In KY

We have had a great visit here in KY. We have spent some GREAT time with Gigi and Grandad, seen friends, and played (we might have done a little shopping too)

We celebrated Ella's birthday tonight and had a great time. Ella's mom is my sweet cousin Amanda... it was fun to spend time with her, and the more I am around her the more I realize we are cut from the same cloth. The thought was confirmed when she had a notebook and list filled with all of the things that needed to be done for the party to go off perfect. Which it did.

We are leaving to head to IN tomorrow, and although I will miss my family something terrible, I am super excited to see Eric. I have really missed that sweet man of mine :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Boys and their toys...

Isn't this the most amazing storage container for boys you have ever seen? We have had it for a couple of years and we love it. I highly recommend it for little ones:)

When we moved to Indy it is what we used as JH's main toy box... that was until today. I have noticed for a this afternoon that one of the "Red" boxes was missing. I didn't think much about it since we were having company over and wanted to get some stuff done. Well when I went up and tucked JH in tonight, I asked him where the box was. He said, "I have been peeing in it mom". Horror was the only thing that came to mind. He has been pulling down his pants and pull up during nap and bed time and using the red box as his personal toliet... WHAT IN THE WORLD??? He was so proud of himself for coming up with this idea. I told him he didn;t need to do that because he had a pull up on and he responded by... "but I just don't like it wet?"

Oh my word... what will this child of mind think of next.

PS... I have removed the box and clorxed the heck out of it...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fun Friday

We had a very fun Friday in the White House. It started early with a quick yard saleing adventure. We got some VERY GOOD stuff. I got 3 Wilton cake pans (soccer ball, round ball, and circle sucker) all for $2 each. I got these awesome wood frames... they are 16x20 and are currently white. It got 3 of them for a total of $1. So that was super exciting, and then I got these precious hangers to put in JH's room. I just could not let them go. I thought they were the perfect addition to any little boys room!

After yard saleing Nolan came over to play because his mom had her weekly OB appointment. It was so fun to have him come over and the boys played in the sprinkler.... so we invited Gavin over to play to. After sprinkler time we have movie moment. The boys watched Land Before Time and were into the dinosaurs. Here are some cute pics of the boys!

Last night I went to see Julie & Julia, and this morning I wanted to poach an egg... all while wearing an apron and pearls. However I dont know how to poach and egg :( But I might just learn... but don't worry I wont blog about it (well I don't plan too).

The rest of the weekend is up in the air, we have not plans which is nice, however we have a super busy weekend next week, so we might just rest :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Homemade Playdoh

So this morning JH and I were wanting to make something fun. I love to bake, which means I love to eat. This is not a good combo when you are trying to loose weight. So we decided to make some homemade playdoh. It was superfun and JH LOVED the whole process. His imagination has taken off lately so he loves to play "cook" with playdoh. So it was home run this morning.

I thought I would share with you how we made the playdoh... (PS... it is VERY VERY Salty so i would not worry about your kiddos eating it)
Cooked Playdough

3 cups flour

1 ½ cups salt

6 tsp. cream of tartar

3 cups cool water

3 Tbsp oil

Food coloring
Mix dry ingredients in a big pot. Blend liquids together in a bowl. Combine with dry ingredients and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly. Remove from heat when dough pulls away from the sides of the pot and can be pinched without sticking (about 5 min.) Turn onto board or counter and knead until smooth play dough consistency. Store in an airtight container.
This playdough will be useable for several months.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Preschool Teacher

So as many of you know I have always LONGED to be a stay at home mom. However I love working with kids and it is hard to find the right fit when you have a toddler yourself. We enrolled JH in the Little Friends Preschool at our church in Indy and are thrilled about him going. However through the grapevine I heard they had an opening for a 3 year old Preschool Teacher (this is not JH class because in Indy the cut off is June 1). So I interviewed for the position on Thrusday and they called on Friday and said I had the job!
I am excited about this new journey.... It is 2 days a week from 9-2 of course JH will be going with me. I will be the head teacher, and let me just say my creative juices are flowing! I am anxious to get my curriculum and get my lesson plans started. School does not start until September but I have many thoughts brewing....

Eric is super excited as well... he is pumped that it will be an outlet for my creativity, the money won't hurt, and it will be a great way to meet new people! Did I mention there is a Christmas program.... WHOA NELLY! Just wait!

So the White Family would once again appreciate your prayers as we embark on this journey...