Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today's Challenge

So it is officially summer. Our days have consisted of the park, the pool, lots of friends, and popsicles. And I would not have ad it ANY other way! However I am lacking in ONE area... I have not taken care of myself. I cannot think of the last time I put on make up or flat ironed my hair. And although I am confident NO ONE CARES, I think I am starting too.

I had THREE separate conversations today with other moms we talked about our lack of trying. Which I am not chalking up to coincidence . I was headed to one of Eric's coworkers house in yesterdays yoga pants, Eric's t-shirt, and Sunday's pony tail ( I did shower but had not done my hair). The scary part was I was completely fine with it. Eric was in a suit, JH was adorable in his monogrammed outfit, and I looked like a bum. All because I didn't care! What is wrong with me.

I have been ready Kelly's blog for a long time, She is forever going from place to place and does it in her Sunday best. She "dressed down" the other day and that consisted of a jean skirt and AK t-shirt... really... that is a good day for me:) Just take a look at her from a recent play date

Starting tomorrow that is gonna change. For my own personal self worth, so my husband likes coming home to me, and for my son, who sees that it is important to take pride in who you are what you look like! Good by sloppy Kendra.... HELLO Gorgeous!

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