Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Hayden

Yesterday was John Hunter's best bud's 1st birthday. Hayden was so sweet to invite us to his party. And guess who was there... old St. Nick! And John Hunter did not want to be his friend! Just take a look at the photos that follow.

We have been busy this last week. Eric and I were out of town in Easton, OH for the MetLife Christmas party! We left of Friday morning REALLY early. Eric was in a meeting all day, and I shopped. If you have never been to Easton, OH it is a MUST. It is technically Columbus, but this is a small area. There are cobblestone street, carriages, trolleys, etc. that take you all over the 88 acres of shopping. After Eric's meeting we all ate at Brio and it was delicious. We had a great time.

We came home Saturday, and John Hunter was so glad to see us. He stayed at GiGi and Granddads. They had a great time.. although he did NOT sleep. I think he just missed us! Then we went to the big birthday bash.
Today we went to church and just hung out at home. We have a busy week with Christmas parties and plays. Eric and I are hosting the Metlife Lexington Office Christmas party on Friday at our home so that will consume my whole week.


The Oakes said...

those are some cute Christmas clothes! next year i bet he will love the thought of santa!

shousehouseblog said...

It's ok, John Hunter, I hated Santa, too. Actually my very first picture I had with Santa was with your mommy in 8th grade. Don't ask who else was in that picture. :)