Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's all about Pudding

So if you could have seen my to do list today, you would have laughed. I needed to get a lot done but sometimes that can be really hard to do with a teething toddler. So when he woke up from his nap I went to the store and mom kept him. My list kept getting longer... at least in my head. So what is a mom to do, but paint with pudding.

I made some sugar free pudding with whole milk thinking that would be a great way to get some milk down the buddy... he is not really a huge fan. Well the only colors I could find were orange and green. So once the pudding was ready, I divided it into small bowls and colored it. He thought it was so cool... little did he know what I was about to do next.

I put him in his eat seat, with only a diaper. And plopped the pudding. To say the least... it was a HUGE HIT. He was covered, he ate a ton, and he laughed and laughed. I was in stitches.
The point of the painting was to get some stuff done, he was having so much fun I was so consumed with enjoying him... I GOT NOTHING DONE! Here are some photos of our future Van Gogh or maybe Emeril! At least we know he will not be GREEN forever!



Aunt B said...

Kendra, Love your creativity and love, love, love listening to John Hunter laugh with glee. Miss him already. Thanks for keeping up this blog and allowing us to share these wonderful moments. Your time is well spent being with him. He won't be this age for long. Much love, Aunt B

shousehouseblog said...

That is great! I loved hearing him laugh like that. At first I thought "he is all boy" getting messy like that, but that's really how Layni looks at every meal now that she's decided she must feed herself and use her own utensils for everything. :)

Wammy said...

What a great Mom you are..one lucky little guy. There is not a beter sound in the whole wide world than a child laughing from their toes. Thanks for the pick me up today with all the laughter.

Meghan said...

Too cute. Thanks for the picture idea websites.....I have tried the santa hats...my problem is getting Owen to stay in one place longer than 10 seconds. Also, who is the seamstress you know? I need someone to cover my rocking chair cushions for the babys new room. I am clueless when it comes to sewing!

Anonymous said...

I love it love it love it! He is too cute and Looks sooooo happy It looks like it was really worht getting nothing done to see him have so much fun!

The Oakes said...

kendra thats so fun. we did that with ellis once when he was about the same age but i think john hunter was a much bigger fan!