Saturday, May 17, 2008

A our new nephew......

So our friends the Wainscott's may be offically hating us right now. We talked them into going to dinner last night and taking the boys too the pet store.

They have been having the itch to get Hayden a dog since he is in love with them. Their dog Scooter had to go to doggy heaven a couple of months ago and since then Hayden has been lonely. We knew talks of dogs were going so we spurred them on.

Eric did some research and found that some dogs were going to be at PetSmart so we loaded up and went to dinner and then too look at the good girls.

Well John's quote was the best "how do they expect you to come and see the dogs and not take them home". So after much dilberation... we have a new nephew. We are not too sure what is name is going to be. Currently he is Aurthur:) But that is not sticking!

So here are some new family photos:)I would not be a good friend if I did not mention "T". "T" is Aurthur's brother and we truly considered taking "T" home to be a sibling to "T". But we just could not do it. We are confident that "T" has a good home:)

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