Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Fun

We had a lot of fun this weekend just hanging around the house, celebrating the derby, and going to a friends 1st birthday party. Well it is offically spring in the Bluegrass state and what better way to say spring than to say "baseball". Nana sent us this baseball outfit this week and we love it. It will be fully complete once I put his name "WHITE" on the back of his jersey. John Hunter loves baseball... well any ball but he does love to "swing" the bat.

We also went to Ryleigh Kate's first birthday party on Sunday. IIt was a ton of fun and she looked so cute in her pink and green. She loved loved loved her cake. It is hard to believe she is one, but just like we told her mom and dad... being one is just plain fun!

Another fun that happend this weekend was it was aunt anna's birthday. So we called her up and John Hunter said "ANNA" for the first time. I think it made her day! He is learning so many new things and new words we are just amazed.

We have a pretty simple week.... work, school, meetings, and MOTHER'S DAY! Although we don't have any big plans I am sure we will get into something.

If you think of it this week... pray for Daddy (Eric) he is studying hard for his Series 7 test. It is just around the bend so we are in the middle of a studying crisis. He is way better than I am because to think of studying for something like that makes me want to cry. He would covet your prayers.... and so would I:)


Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

He looks too cute in his Twins jersey. John and Hayden look adorable with their shades on, too. Miss you...kiss the little man for me!

Andrea said...

I am so excited about Wii Fit, too! Hopefully we'll get it soon because it looks so nice! No more buying work-out dvds that sit in the cabinet or anything like that. Let me know if you get it & how you like it! (Just leave a comment anytime) Your kiddo is adorable...I didn't get any blondies (no wonder), but I think they are so cute! =) ~Andrea