Monday, July 26, 2010

Random Thoughts

Here are some random thought that keep flowing in my head...

1) I have to have a root canal tomorrow and I am NOT looking forward to it. I hate pain, I hate the dentist (however we are friends with our dentist so I don't hate him.... just his profession) and i would rather do ANYTHING else besides be in the dentist chair at 8:30 AM

2) I have been knee deep in redecorating Eric's offices. It looks great and is coming along. Men have such a funny view of decor. However I think the changes are drastic enough because ALL his employees are noticing

3) My mother in law, sister in law, and neice are in town. It has been so fun to have them and they have played a LOT with John Hunter. Today I was able to go work at Eric's office as well as go to a meeting and they went to the pool all afternoon...

4) God has really blessed me with some great friends... I have a dear friend that everyday I wake up and think, what would I do without her and her family in my life. She is so wonderful, her life is a little crazy right now and almost always she is encouraging me and loving on me... she has encouraged me to be that way to others.

5) My sister in law Sarah is getting married in Nov. and we are taking a whole week and headed out to CO for Thanksgiving... even now talking about it Eric and I get giddy.

6) Marriage is hard, but God is good. Eric and I have been really intentional about being together without any "distractions" lately. I am reminded why we fell in love and how my role as a wife is to be his support and help... I am hoping to strengthen those roles!

7) I am ready for school to start... we are in need of a schedule, but I sure am loving my summer!

8) that is it... the end!

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