Saturday, July 24, 2010

Welcome to Our Home

Growing up and even to this day one of my favorite memories has to be when company came into town. I vividly remember a time when my Gran and Granddad were coming into town, I had to be around 9 years old, and I paced and watched the front door waiting for them to drive in from Flordia. My PARENTS... both my mom and dad are great host and hostess. IF you have ever stayed at their house, been to their house, or just been around them. They will make you feel like you could stay for eternity and be treated like royalty!

Another great example, when Eric and I decided that we were taking our "realationship" to the serious state and Eric decided to leave MN and move to KY, my parents offerend for him to stay at their home. To live there (I however had a house in Lexington). To this day Eric will tell you it was the best time of his life... he LOVED living there, he was treated like an only child, and a prince.

I too love to host. I love to have people in our house, I love company, I love the smell of breads baking, clean floors, vaccum lines in the carpet, and everything it entails:) I know that it has been said before if you want to get stuff at your house done host a party or have company. Well since moving to Indy that has not be true. It has been hard to get my act together. Call it depression, call it lonliness, call it whatever you want, but i have been ok with just ok. We this week was a little different, I started to really want to get some stuff done around the house and what better way to say welcome than the front door. I should have taken a picture of the before, but I didn't so here is the after. And as always, you all are welcome to come a visit anytime!

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uhlsfam said...

GIRl - have been thinking so much about you for some reason - your front door says, "come on in!" miss your face :-).