Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a week

This week can be summed up by one word... SCHOOL! We officially start school next Tuesdsay, but this week we have been working, parent teacher night, and kids walk thru. And to say I am tired is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

I am excited to be with all my students and their parents are precious, but I will be resting up this weekend. So today I had my 5 min of fame. If you listen to KLOVE in the morning you will hear Eric and Lisa. They are stationed out of Indy and Lisa's son is in my class this year. She was so sweet last night. This is their first experience in Preschool, so this is a new road for her. This morning on the morning show she was talking about Mrs. White's class, and her son Precious southern Preschool teacher. How fun is that! Eric just laughed!

Well we are headed to the orchard tomorrow so I am sure we will have FUN pics from there! The above pic was taken TODAY at preschool, and the follow pic was taken last year. What a difference a year make... but at least we got two wears out of the shirt ;)

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