Friday, October 1, 2010

I knew this day would come...

So long before I had a child I knew this day would come. And yesterday it happened. And i am so proud of myself for the way I handled it I deemed it "blog-worthy"

This summer I had some pants made for JH. They are more than adorable and I personally love them. I picked out the fabric, monogramed shirts to go with them, and it even had shoes to match. They were beyond adorable in my head and laid out on the bed. A certain pair of pants I had not let him wear because I was saving for "RED DAY". You know the day of the month in preschool where you wear an assigned color because it is the color of the month.

Yesterday was red day. Wednesday night I was almost giddy, the weather was perfect for these pants, a red monogrammed polo, and the cutest pair of red chuck taylors you have ever seen. When I drug JH out of bed at 7 and told him to get ready he started to whine. We brushed teeth, combed hair, started to put on our clothes. HE THREW AN ABSOLUTE FIT! He went wailing, screaming, and crying, immediately saying he was not wearing that and wanted to find something else red to wear. I took a deep breath and thought in the moment of his little life was it worth getting so upset that my dream outfit for red day was being dashed. And then i realized, of all the things in world that could be going on this was NOT that big of a deal. So I returned his clothes to the closet and let him pick out his outfit.

One day soon he will be in the cutest RED DAY outfit and I will take a picture so you can see how cute he would have been. I don't even want to tell you what I have planned for "orange day" in October :)


Amber said...

This is so funny and true. My nephew wants to pick out his clothes daily. He often gets upset when his favorite shirt is dirty. I think he would wear it every day.

BTW, the blog makeover looks great

Jessie said...

Girl, I'm right there with ya. Lainey wore her princess nightgown to Mums last week. She was decent and it was warm so it wasn't a battle worth fighting! :)