Saturday, October 9, 2010

Let's Party Like's He's Almost FOUR!

Yesterday we celebrated John Hunter's 4th birthday. We have a few of his friends over to bounce around. It was so much fun. The highlight of the party was we had the MetLife blimp hover over our house for the party. They were so generous for doing us and it THRILLED one little four year old boy.

I cannot believe my baby is almost four and can't even express how grateful for him and what he has brought into our lives (MORE ON THAT LATER)...

Today we got to have a private tour of the blimp. We had some friends and neighbors join us and it was really cool. We got to go inside and JH even got to pull and tug on it with his friend Gabrielle... which by they way I think they make the cutest pair :)

Also, my parents came up and as always words cannot express how much it meant to have them here. We were so blessed for all the help and effort and playing they put into this weekend. However we did send dad and JH to get balloons yesterday and he came home with THREE cans of silly string... my backyard does not look the same right now:) Thanks Grandad you have made one little boy happy.

Happy birthday sweet JH... we love you!

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