Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sight words...

I knew it was gonna happen, I was waiting for it to happen, and then last week.... IT HAPPENED! John Hunter has three sight words that we do every week. We work on them, play with them, post them, etc. But Mrs. Streby just upped the anny! Last Wednesday she sent home a packet with well over 150 sight words. They are broken up into 12 list. The directions CLEARLY state that there is NO time frame for these to be done, but you know I wanted to knock them out. Once one list is done the child will be tested and then can move on to the second list. Easy peasy!

Yeah not so much. I came home made flash cards, built sentences, and was ready to tackle the list. Then on Thursday we went to school and the first think that Eric and I noticed was that SOMEONE (read Duncan) already had THREE list turned in. We were shocked. We were just hoping to get list one done by October. Well I went into full competitive mommy mode and started the flashcards. I set my expectations to high, I am  honest enough to tell yall that. I expected to show JH the card him read it once and then know it. Apparently that is no how we will be learning through the next 12 years of school :( This session ended in tears on both accounts. Eric came up and saved the day and the fire to learn sight words.

So we took a break from sight words and momma started doing some research. Now I am  better equipped with some FUN and tangible ways for JH to learn his sight words at a pace that is steady for him!  I have you our first "sight words parking lot" He loved it, I loved it, and by the end the words to jumping off the page. Just wait till you see what I have up my sleeve next!

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