Monday, February 25, 2013

Giveaway Time

So I know I have been MIA for the past month! I have a sweet  friend who keeps reminding me! Well today this blog is back up and running! We have had a lot going on for the past month. Here are some highlights:
1. I turned 33... how fun was that!
2. John Hunter got the stomach bug...threw up all over school
3. Kendra got the stomach bug
4. Lynley got the stomach bug (found her in her crib covered in throw up)
5. Eric got the stomach bug (on his birhtday)
6. Eric turned 33
7. We celebrated Valentines day
8. Eric had surgery.... the family jewels removed :)
9. John Hunter is thriving at basketball
10. John Hunter was Mr. Q in the wedding of Q & U at school
11. The kids and I went to Lexington
12.  Eric and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary!
13. John Hunter got a STELLAR report card and we are beaming with pride!
14... Today is Monday!

So I cannot think of a better thing do on Monday that host a give away! Easter is right around the corner and if you know me at all you know it is my favorite holiday! So I started looking at some really cute easter shirts for sis and found this adorable one! I contacted the lady and she said you could WIN one! So heres the deal! The contest will close tomorrow at 5PM. You can leave a comment here or on my facebook post. I will enter all the names into and select one winner! How fun is that!

Sweet Lynley did some modeling in her shirt at well! Hope you are in love with it as much as me! If you would like to go ahead and purchase your own, you can do that here at her etsy shop!

Everyone enter now!