Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Day it all fell in

So today I was trying to be such the good wife. I was going to clean the attic out. Now it was a little self driven because I wanted to get out some pumpkin decorations to start decorating for fall. I had all the attic done when it happened.

You see we only put flooring on part of our attic. So there was box over the blown-in insulation. I went to move the last box and ..... i fell through the insulation and into the bathroom celing. My size 8 shoe (thankfully not my new ones) when through all the way up to my thigh. I honestly had no idea what to do... do I laugh or do I cry! So I did what anyone would do.... CALL MOM! She came running over and helped me get up. So with injury... except my wrist kinda hurts, I made it out ok.

Let's just say this kind of stuff ALWAYS happens when Eric is out of town. And unless he is reading this... he does not know! So we will see. Oh the Drywall man will be here sometime soon... hopefully before Eric gets home on FRIDAY!

Oh well... oh by the way John Hunter slept through the whole thing:)


The Purvis Family said...

Hilarious! I am SO glad you took pictures to mark this once in a life time memory (or at least we hope!). You crack me up!

shousehouseblog said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is one of the greatest stories I've ever heard! It's just like on Desperate Housewives!

The Oakes said...

okay first of all you are so lucky your mom live near you. and then i must second jen.......im soooo glad you record this memory with photos, it just wouldn't be the same without them!