Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Fun

What a fun weekend we had. Saturday we went to the Sportsman club with the church and had loads of fun. Eric got John Hunter ready as you can see from the photos with his camo shorts, shox, and mohawk:) However he did look pretty cute. Eric got to shoot an M-16, I shot a gun, Grandad shot a gun, and low and behold.... Gigi shot a gun as well. Although everyone seemed to be scared when she had the gun (if you want the full story ask Eric). At the picnic John Hunter won his first fishing pole as you can see he was super excited.

After the picnic we went to a cook out at some friends house and John Hunter cheered the Cats onto another VICTORY! He got much attention from all the girls there and found a little girlfriend named Elizabeth who was sporting her UK Cheerleading outfit! At the cookout little buddy was introduced to a whole new food group... artichokes, spinach, and duck. To say the least he loved it all!

Today we are getting ready to take daddy to the airport and then we are going to take some photos with the pumpkins for our birthday invitation. We will post those photos when we get home!