Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weekend Fun

The best part of the WHOLE weekend was that daddy made it home safe and sound. On Thursday my girlfriends Estelle and Whitney and their children Benjamin, Caroline, Turner and Layni, all came in town for Slumber party. We had such a good time. John Hunter had fun in the bath with the girls... I thought it was so cute watching him. On Friday we went to the Pumpkin patch and had a big time. The big boys went down the slide, and we all went to the petting zoo and John Hunter HATED the sheep... it BAAAAed at him! Then we all took a Hay Ride which was great fun.

This morning I ran the Race for the Cure... it was kind of a big deal to me because I had been training for a while. I got a bad case of food poisoning on Thursday and have been oh so sick, but I was determined to run! So this morning I got up and did it. It was a 5/K and I did it in 42:22! Which is pretty good. John Hunter did it too but he walked with GiGi and Miss Kathy! I felt great and I am looking forward to doing my next race....

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The Oakes said...

congrats on the race kendra!! i love the picture. looks like you all had a great weekend together. send me an email and cassieoakes@hotmail and ill get you our address. do you mind if i add your blog to my links?