Thursday, February 21, 2008

An icy day

Today worked got called off early due to ice. I ran to the store to get a few things and now we are at home. Eric has to work late tonight so I am racking my brain to keep JH entertained. We have had such a busy couple of weeks it is nice just to be at home playing. And boy have we been playing.

Yesterday was Eric and I's 4th anniversary. It was by far my favorite and we did nothing too exciting. We each worked. Went to church for all worship, them came home and ordered chineese. I told some friends that as I thought about my wedding I can honestly say I love Eric more today than I did on the day we got married. He is a wonderful man who takes care of me in so many ways. He is an awesome father and John Hunter is so proud to call him dad!

Eric's mom "Nana" is coming in tomorrow for a weekend visit. We are super excited and I know she is as well. She is really looking forward to some John Hunter and Nana time. So in preparation for her arrival John Hunter and I are making a cake. Here are some pics of the little buddy at work.

That is about all we are up too... minus the 5 load of laundry that await me (and yes Britney I am going to put them up as I finish each load)!


The Oakes said...

like the little cook and i'm always wish i had your discipline when it comes to laundry and ironing!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait for April to roll around. I definitely need a JH fix. He just gets cuter by the second. I love the image of him with that big bowl. What a lucky Nana to have such a beautiful boy lovingly making something special for her. Can't wait to see the video of him with his Thomas Valentine card. I have the picture of him with the red car on our piano which picks up my day every time I pass by it. Of course, I put it right on the end so I see it at least 30 times a day. Can't wait to see him in person again. Although the blog is so wonderful, it can't subsitute for the real thing. Much love, Aunt B