Monday, March 3, 2008

We are alive

Just wanted to let every one know we are alive. We have had a busy week. Last weekend Eric's mom came in town which was super fun. John Hunter was thrilled to have a playmate from sun up to sun down. Not to mention how nice it was for mommy and daddy. Thanks Nana for the visit!While picking Nana up from the airport John Hunter got to meet his newest buddy Abram. Jarod and Amy Kees (Eric and I's really good friends) had Abram on Thanksgiving. We have seen his once before, but this was JH first encounter with him. He was not really all that into the baby since he had Jarod throwing balls at him like crazy. He is the cutest little thing... totally opposite from our blonde hair blue eyed fair skined buckaroo!
Then I got sick. I don't mean a little... I mean thought I was dying sick. It started on Tuesday morning and really I started to feel better on Saturday. Wednesday I had to have mom come just get the buddy because I feel asleep on the couch while he was just wondering around.

We are on the mends now and looking to have a great week. We have busy week but are so glad to be healthy... oh we should have bought stock in Clorox because we used A LOT of it this weekend!

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