Monday, April 14, 2008

Need your help...

I am writing this to you because I am in need of your help! In 2 weeks I am speaking to the Middle School Ministry at Southland (our Church). Specifically to the girls. The topic is on identity, intimacy, and you guessed it... sex!

I want to share some real truth with these girls. I will not be getting too techinical, but I want them to know that the choices they make today may have an effect on their life in ways they may not know. Being that all of us have made it through middle school and high school, I would love your thoughts on the following categories. Just email me back things you would like to share with the girls or things you wish you had know when you were in Middle School (I am talking from anything to why did I wear that or carry that purse:.. NO COMMENTS ESTELLE OR WHIT or I wish I had not compromised what I believed in and settled for something less).

- What do you wish you could have told yourself when you were in Middle School?

- What choices did you make about Identity.. how did you define yourself? your clothes, your friends, your boyfriend, athletics, etc.

- What decision you made that effect you now?

- Anything else you want to share with the young, precious girls!

Thanks so much for you help! I will let you know how it goes!



Câmera Digital said...
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Kasey said...

Hey Kendra, I ran across your blog from Darby Stickler's and I read this post. I am a Public Health Educator with the Tennessee Dept. of Health and I teach classes similar to what you are doing called, "Girl Talk". If you'd like I can send you a copy of the curriculum I use. My blog is private, but you can email me at and I'll add you and you can let me know if you want a copy of the materials.

Have a great weekend.