Friday, April 18, 2008

100 Things About Me

So I have officially been tagged. A great friend of mine tagged me so here are 100 things about me. This will more likely be more than you will ever want to know:)

1. I am the wife of Eric and the mom of John Hunter (18 months)
2. We just got back from a really fun night of shopping, going to the pet store, and meeting our friends the Purvis' for dinner and desserts:)
3. I love COUNTRY music.
4. I love to drive around on a spring night singing out the top of my lungs... it sounds better that way!
5. I graduated from LCA in 1998 and met my two dearest friends there in the 7th grade.
6. It is my 10 year high school reunion and I stress about it now... for more reasons than you will ever know.
7. I am passionate about teaching young girls how much Jesus loves them and that there VALUE comes from only Him.
8. I am a firm believer in manners.
9. I started a children's clothing and accessories company with my friend Angie and we have blast doing it.
10. Our house is on the market :(
11. My parents are awesome.. they live across the street and they always know what I need.
12. I am an only child.
13. I have 2 great sister in laws and 2 wonderful brother in laws. They are super fun and I love when we are all together... the highlight for me may have been the party bus after Anna and Ben's wedding (sorry Sarah)
14. My inlaws are great and live in Minnesota. I like to think I have brought some Southern charm into their lives.
15. I graduated from Asbury college with a degree in Christian education.
16. I met my husband at Focus on the Family institute in Colorado.
17. The summer of 2001 in colorado may have been the best summer ever.
18. I love my husband more than anything... he makes me laugh, cry, and sometimes want to pull my hair out, but he would walk through fire for me and with me.
19. All four of my grandparents played a MAJOR role in my life, but they are with Jesus know and each day I think about how much they would love John Hunter... I tell him about them often.
20. I love to shop.
21. I just bought a short jean skirt today and I don't think I wore one of those since the late 80's.
22. We honeymooned in Jackson Hole, WY
23. My mom can sew, and made the amazing curtains in my house. My dad built our house!
24. I have owned 3 cars in my whole life.
25. More like 30 cell phones... I love a new cell.
26. College was so much fun, and I have so many fun memories.
27. John Hunter was born via c-section
28. I run... I did not say like to run, but run!
29. I need some new running shoes.. any suggestions!
30. I hate to cook. But my husband is a WONDERFUL cook!
31. I like to clean... and can be a little obsessive.
32. I am a jealous person,
33. The LORD has use this last year to prune back things in my life. But I am trusting that fruit will be soon.
34. John Hunter is a birth control blessing!
35. I love to hear John Hunter laugh. It comes from his belly and makes his whole body shake.
36. I HATE HATE HATE ironing. This is a problem considering that my husband wears a suit and tie every day!!! So 32 shirts await me. Please don't suggest the dry cleaners.
37. They do not make a pair of jeans that fit me.... at least today!
38. I threw a pity party this week... some of you were invited! I am sorry for that!
39. I love Southern Gospel music. Vestal Goodman will meet me at the pearly gates.
40. I have sung on stage with Amy Grant.
41. Currently I am stressed about what John Hunter will wear for school pictures on Monday.
42. After I run in the morning I am praying that Eric makes cream cheese crepes.
43. I am learning the difference between a need and a want.
44. I am dying to paint my nails... I am not sure when that will happen!
45. Easter is my favorite holiday... Up from the Grave he arose!
46. My friend Britney makes me very proud. She wears so many hats for me! Thanks friend.
47. My dad and I like to go on dates to White Castle.
48. My mom and I love to go on walks.
49. I want to be the next Beth Moore, for so many reasons...
50. I need to do laundry...
51. I am stopping here for tonight... I think I may do my nails!

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