Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank you

Thanks to everyone for the prayers for my family. We had the funeral yesterday and all went well. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

On a lighter note I thought I would share some pics of John Hunter. He is just the funniest kids ever. He makes us laugh everyday. I know I have said it before but he is 100% ALL BOY. Dirt, trucks, motorcycles, and balls make him very happy. But so does his mommy. This past weekend we had some friends over for dinner. This is a pic of John Hunter and Hayden in the hammock. I have this same picture from exactly one year ago as well. I am trying really hard to find it on my computer. But I thought the boys looked so cute. Neither wanted anything to do with the hot dog all they wanted to do is something outside with Tye. But they sure did have a fun time together.

On Friday Eric had to do some work on the mower and he needed a little helper. John Hunter loved the power washer as well as all the dirt that came off the mower. He just loves to be dirty but I really think it is because he loves a bath:)

We don't really have much planned for the rest of the week. I am speaking to the Middle School students again tonight on "SEX" and we are kind of doing an interview panel. One of the questions I am being asked is "With all the teaching we have done the past couple of weeks, what one thing do you want to instill in John Hunter as he grows up so when he sits here he will know the TRUTH about intimacy?" As I thought about that question this morning all I could think about is my sweet baby in Middle School. I still have to get him to Kindergarten, but I guess it is never to early to instill the fact that purity paves the way to intimacy!

But until there here are a few more pics....


The Oakes said...

you better not let his friends see that picture on the 4 wheeler when he is in MS!

Stefany said...

John Hunter is adorable! Oh my goodness! You all are so blessed! Thanks for taking the time to find my blog! I would covet all the prayers we can get. Thanks so much!