Sunday, July 20, 2008

We are alive part ONE!

We are alive. I am so sorry I have been such a bad blogger but somehow time has gotten away from me. It all started at the end of June when we met Eric's family in North Carolina to celebrate Eric's grandmother (Nana D's) 80th Birthday. We had a wonderful celebration of her life. John Hunter was wonderful and enjoyed time with his great grandparents, Nana and Big Daddy, a host of aunts and uncles, and his cousin Kylie who he affectionaly referred to as "Ba Ba".

One of the high lights of our trip was to ride on Papa's train. John Hunter has ridden it before, but somehow at the age of 21 months is was so much cooler. He just kept swinging his arms and saying "Choo Choo." I also have to give a shout out to my mom who helped me make JH's outfit for the train ride:) Thanks Gigi!

Here is a picture of the four generations.... for those of you who don't know... Papa's name is John Hunter White... hence where we got our name:)

The party was a hit, and there is no doubt that Nana D felt super loved. And I did love spending time with Sarah.... isn't she beautiful???

Nana has poured herself into her family!I can only hope that when Eric and I are celebrating my 80th b-day we are this much in love!

Here is Nana teaching John Hunter a little song on the Piano... and he LOVED IT!
Happy Birthday Nana D... we love you!

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Becca said...

The last picture is my favorite...brings tears to my eyes- very sweet!