Saturday, August 9, 2008

Berry Pickin With Nana

** See bottom for UK Photos**

Nana has come to visit and we are thrilled... she came in last night with "Sammy" their chocolate lab, or as John Hunter likes to call her "Mammy". So here we all with a house full of dogs and a toddler, Nana, Eric and me. What else is there to do... BLACKBERRY PICKIN'!

So we went over the river and through the woods and wore our jeans along the way so no chiggers would get us. We quickly taught JH how to pick black berries instead of red berries. He loved playing in the dirt, squishing the berries, and most of all the tobacco.

I knew he was Kentucky bred for a reason:)

Here are some great shots of Nana and John Hunter... I just love them!
After berry pickin we came home watched some Olympics and took a nap. Went to church tonight which was excellent, and then headed downtown. We went to Fan Day for Kentucky Football. JH loved it, and we really liked him walking on the turf. I got some great shots that I will put on here soon, but daddy is cooking and I think he would like my help!


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Emmers said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Thanks for the prayers my friend. Em

Mama Smors said...

love all the new pics... i will be sure to change the last post on my blog and let everyone know that it is not the real dara torres-- it is kendra white!! :) so excited for tomorrow. ivy is going to have a blast with you, JH, and the dogs!