Monday, August 18, 2008

Time with Nana and the First day of School

So our time with Nana has had to come to an end. She left this morning after dropping John Hunter off at school. We had so much fun with her and we are so sad she had to leave (we tried to talk her into staying). We know she was sad to leave too and we can't wait to see her and Big Daddy soon.

Here are some other fun things we did with Nana.

Made Wonder Balls (this is a MUST have recipe for anyone with toddlers... AMAZING)

Hung out and watched the Olympics and played with Deacon.

Played with all the dogs... here is a photo of Sammy or "Mammy" as JH calls her.

Went to the Woodland Art Festival and played on the swing set and silde.

And today was the big first day of school. She helped get us ready and got us safely into our room!

We love you Nana. NO GOAL!!!!!

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