Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Tuckey!!!

These are the words we heard for HOURS this past Saturday night. We had the AWESOME privilege of going to the UK game and taking John Hunter. Our friends Kathy and Fred gave us there tickets while Fred recovers from surgery (GET BETTER SOON).

So we started tailgating at 3:00 PM with a wide eyed little blonde boy and left at 11:15 PM with a still wide eyed little blonde boy. John Hunter had so much fun... even though is was SUPER hot. The cool spot came when we went to visit Hayden, Bella, and Emmy. Those kiddos could have played cornhole (or Socks) as Emmy calls it for hours. We met up with our friends the Vance's and Shuck's and then it was time to go into the game.

Over and over John Hunter kept saying "football game" "Go Cats" and "Tucky" which is his way of Saying "Kentucky". He loved the Wildcat from a distance and kept trying to find the Cat. So when the Cat came over close to us Eric took him down to see the Cat. At that point he clung to Eric for dear life and wanted nothing to do with the cat. Isn't that how it goes??

I did not get as many pictures as i would have like, but I am chalking this one up to one of the best family events we have done in a while.

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The Pavliches said...

You all are such a cute family! looks like so much fun!!