Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unc we love you....

As I write this post our family cannot help but cry. Tomorrow Unc (or Matt) Eric's youngER brother is getting deployed to Iraq. He is in the Navy and cannot at this time tell us what and where he is going to be. But we are confident that no matter where he is he is not out the protection of the LORD.

We were so blessed to spend some time at the beach this summer with Unc.... John Hunter may be his biggest fan!

Your prayers would be appreciated for Unc as he enters this time in his life and as well all anxiously await his return home. It's seems fitting that today (9/11) the reason he is going over in the first place he is doing his duty and protecting our Nation.

We love you Unc... we are praying for you daily. You are awesome!

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Stefany said...

I'm so sorry that you all have to be apart. I imagine that when Ruth was speaking last night at Replenish, you TOTALLY understood, huh? Thanks for sharing this, so that we can keep him in our prayers!