Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

John Hunter, Gigi, and Granddad went to the pumpkin patch on Friday! They had a great time and to this day John Hunter is still talking about "Pumpkin pie"... which is his way of saying pumpkin!!!

Mom said he loved picking up all the pumpkins and tell her how heavy they were. He loved apples too...he carried around the bag of apples from the time they left till he got home. To the point he even took one apple to bed! There were several bus loads of kids there so I guess we will have to make another trip to do the rides and play in the hay:)

After the pumpkin patch they went to Dairy Queen and John Hunter enjoyed an ice cream home from Granddad.

Thanks Gigi and Granddad for a fun day... love you lots!

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