Monday, December 14, 2009

Sickness Get Behind Me

Well sickness has entered the White House... better this week than next huh? Well, yesterday JH and I were doing a little shopping at Target and all of the sudden he started yelling and holding his head saying it hurt "wrealllly bad" Poor thing. We came home gave him some meds and he took an almost 3 hour nap before we went to Nolan's party (more blogging on that later).

On the way home he asked if we could go and see the doctor because his ears hurt. Of course at this point it was too late. He was running a fever and we check on him throughout the night.... this morning we went to the doctor were we discovered... DOUBLE EAR INFECTION.
Poor thing, we have been laying low today, and have had the best time. He is pretty tired seeing how he didn't take a great nap. But he is chillin on the couch while I make dinner watching a Christmas movie...

Eric too is sick. His started with a sinus infection, the strep, and now it is getting into his chest. Poor babe! He is pitiful when he is sick. But he has gone to work for a bit, and now home for a long winters nap. We just bought a new humidifer, so I am hoping that this puts the sickness behind us! Say a little pray for us...
I am hoping to go do some Christmas shopping tonight after the BOYS go to bed, and set my DVR for the new show, Sing along... I am pumped! What about you, what are you into tonight?

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