Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is this a perfect Saturday

Today has been just a great day! It started off with the sun shining and birds chirping:) What a great day! We had breakfast, watched cartoons, and got ready for the day. We loaded up the van and headed to LOWES! Along with the rest of Indy. We got some stuff to organize our garage!

The good news, I did not help! I took JH to Bounce U for a little girl in his class' Birthday Party. He had a blast and we had a great time celebrating Ashlyn! He had a great time.

I am thinking he has a little seasonal allergies because he has started coughing along with runny nose but is otherwise fine. We had so much fun that when he got home he was wiped out. He played with Eric as well and then they settled in to watch basketball... after about 10 min, this is what we saw:)

Now he is sleeping in his own bed and hopefully there for the REST of the night! We love that little guy! Eric and I are cuddled up watching TV, oh what a great day:)

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