Saturday, March 20, 2010

MIA... and sorry about it!

So I realize that I have been a terrible blogger. There are so many blogs forming in my head about the following topics:

1) Spring
2) Fear
3) Things I want to do while in Lexington
4) How much I love my husband and how one particular book is changing my marriage
5) John Hunter's ear tube surgery
6) and the list goes on... but for now you get this!

We are have had an incredibly busy week. Getting things ready to leave, ear tubes, works, enjoying the season of spring, and P90x... but today kicked off a week of rest!

We dropped Eric off this morning at the airport for Vegas and JH and I headed to Lexington with both dogs in tow! We got here just in time for the Easter Egg Hunt at southland. What a great time and great weather, and we got to see some great friends!

We have a pretty fun week planned of low key activies and family fun, We are gonna miss Eric something terrible, but it is good to be home... so my goal this week is to BLOG every single day... but dont hold your breath!

here are some pics from the Hunt!

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