Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life happens best in community

This is one of my life's core values. Life does happen best in community. When we moved here to Indy I feared we would never have any friends and always be alone. God had something bigger planned. We joined a church, met some friends, and started doing life. I don't mean we went out to dinner once a month, or sent a few how ya doing text messages. I mean these people know my ugliness and love me anyway. There are several couples in our life group and honestly we are well above a dozen children. And we do life. We watch each others kids, pray for each other, talk about our marriages, pray together, and are like a close knit family, and we have fun. The stories we could tell or more importantly the stories our kids will one day tell, well they are just priceless.

I love the fact that we all serve a great God, how has given each of us a different passion, but someone we all just get along. I think there is something in scripture about one body many parts;) And our kids are like siblings. So much to the point that we were are ringing in 2011 and had a great time. Our friends Matt and Hannah were there, and Hannah and I gave birth a day apart. I am so excited to raise Lynley and Wrigley together. We are able to struggle through the woes of a new born, get excited for their milestones, and love on each others babes. This is what we were created for... community.

So Saturday we all got together for a little two hand touch football. I think the guys were super excited, and the kiddos were thrilled. I on the other hand "took care of lynley". It was so much fun. And afterward we all just went back to someone house, ate dinner, the kids played, and the adults sat in the hot tub (and i was still wearing pearls) and just talked about life (80s tv shows and nasty youtube videos).

For Halloween we all got together and passed out candy in our neighborhood. Set up the bounce house and had chilli and hot dogs. The men took the kids and the women stayed behind and passed out candy. More memories made for our family within this community!

In the month of November I just wanted to remind myself how thankful I am for this group of people. God ordained this group long before it came to be! And my heart will forever be changed!

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