Saturday, January 21, 2012

EIGHT months to Kindergarten!

Its almost time for Kindergarten. That's right, my sweet baby boy is getting ready to go to Kindergarten this fall and his momma is in disbelief.

I dont have any regret about doing more with him, or spending more time with him, but I am scared out of my mind if he is ready. Who will be there if no one is there to play with him? Will he be brave and courageous in all he does? Will he be willing to try new things, will he make new friends, but most importantly will he miss me? Because as sure as I live and breath I know I will miss him.

We switched John Hunter to a new school this year and I could not have been more please. He is thriving there much more so if we had left him at this old school. And we LOVE Mrs. Stewart and Miss Abby. They do so many fun things there, like the pinterest project you see posted above.

I have found myself worried sick about this kindergarten thing, but I am reminded about the verse in Matthew that asks if worrying will add one minute to your life. So instead of worrying about that sweet, kind, funny, and fun loving boy, my boy, going to Kindergarten, I am just going to pray for him. For his teachers, his classmates the administration at the school, and everything else I can think of. Sweet Jesus hold my sweet boy as we enter into a new phase of parenthood. Hold him close and his momma too!