Thursday, August 2, 2012

We bought a house....

So we are not homeless. We have bought a house and we are truly excited. We close on our current home Sept. 5 and move into the new home Sept. 7. We are praying that all the details works out and that everything gets finalized quickly and smoothly. Eric and I have been on our knees and trusted God through this whole journey and continue to do so. We feel like God has something big in store for us and is gonna use us in great ways. We are sad to leave our neighbors and our hood but they are 2.1 miles away and will still them A LOT!

The hardest thing about this move for me has been John Hunter's school. In my head and heart JH was always going to Thorpe Creek. I was prepared, I prayed over, and I had a plan. In our new neighborhood JH will go to Geist Elementary. Still a a great school and we have heard lots of wonderful things about it, but in my heart and head it was not what I had planned. God is funny about things like that. I feel like he is gonna use me/ John Hunter in mighty ways at this school and although I am excited about what lies ahead I am sadden. I feel like Jonah who was told to go to Ninavah and didn't but in the end when he obeyed God his ministry was fruitful! So please pray for us during this time. These are the things I am specifically praying for:
1) God to use our family in a mighty way
2) John Hunter will make friends quickly
3) His teacher... how she teachers, nurtures, and committees with him/ us
4) OVERALL, letting my baby go to Kindergarten! This mommy is having a hard time with this!

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