Thursday, March 7, 2013

Easters on its way

If you know anything about me you know that Easter is by FAR and AWAY my most favorite holiday! Its a sign of new life with the beginnings of spring, the words of the hymns awake my soul, and children in matching smocked clothing just about send me into a tizzy! (FYI neither one of my kids are wearing smocked this year.... yes I have their outfits picked out, yes - they are monogrammed, and yes- we will all match)

So with the impeding snow storm that was about the hit Indy early this week I decided it was a perfect time to break out the Easter decor. A lot of stuff I already had, some stuff I made and others I just improvised. But as I set in my house last night I was completely in awe of the sacrifice of Easter!

 Here is the mantel! I always try to put a big banner just because i think it is kid friendly. Keep scrolling down and you will see where I have the printable version for you!
 This is the Southern Living plate that I have had for years. I change the words every season. It only seemed fitting for my favorite hymn!
 Here is our entertainment center. A side note. This was actually a credenza that went with the desk we had in our Lexington House. My parents painted it black added the molding on the bottom and put new hardware on there. It has been a perfect addition to our home and we Love it!
 This is a little table I have between two wing back chairs in our family room. I change out this picture frame regularly. I wanted to put scripture that was easy enough for John Hunter to read. In case you cannot see this one says, "He is not here he is risen just as He said." He is really becoming quite the reader and I could not think of anything I would rather him read than Scripture!
 Ok a closer look at the banner!I printed out 5 pages (there are two pennants on a page) I cut them out. Went to the bathroom drawer  got some cotton balls and glued those cute little bunny tails on. I punched holes in the top corners and threaded some yellow satin ribbon I already had through. Taped her up and there she is! Here is the link I used to print off the banner
 I used a canvas I already had and some paint I had lying around in the craft box to make this little guy. I love it because it is so bright. This was a hard one for me. Easter Hymns are my thing. I love them. I spent about 2 days trying to figure out which one I was going to commit to canvas. Then I let go and relaxed because this little canvas is about $3 so  I could always change it out. I went with this song because I love it.
He Lives He Live Christ Jesus Lives today, He walks with me and talks with me along life's narrow way. He lives He lives Salvation to impart. You ask me how I know He lives, he Lives within my Heart!
 This sweet canvas I used when I taught preschool. This is the area above my desk in the Kitchen and i wanted to something fun and kid friendly. So this was the perfect option!
 Over 10 years ago my parents bought me this crown of thorns for Easter. It is probably one of the things I treasure most. Every time I look at it I see more than thorns I see a crown, and a King who was willing to give up his Heavenly crown to wear this terribly painful one. Why did he do it? For me. My sin put Him on that cross and my sin put those thorns on His head. This was a great reminder. John Hunter has now taking a liking to these as well. This plate came from wal-mart and I used my cricut and black vinyl to put this hymn on there. I love how it turned out!
 Subway art is all the rage right now. So what better way to be in style than with some Easter subway art. I found this one on Pinterest and had it printed at Sams Club as a 16x20 for about $4. Its perfect!
Here is our kitchen table. I always have a plastic table cloth on the table for each season because I find I have a messy family and we are always doing art projects here. Its just for a season when the kids are young but I love it. I found this bunny in the decor stuck him on the cake stand and added some grass. Now buried away in my cabinets I have beautiful easter egg dishes and  chargers along with monogrammed spring napkins and napkin rings. They are lovely I promise. But the reality is we live here. Every night we eat dinner at this table and as much as I would love place all those things out, I don't!

So here is our house at easter! What is your favorite Easter decoration that you have in your house?


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