Friday, March 8, 2013

Playroom Overhaul

I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to our playroom. It is on the main level of our house and I love it. The kids play in there while Im cooking, cleaning, or doing whatever. It also has a door so at the end of the day I close the door to not see the mess. It is very nice. Another plus is that there is NOT ONE TOY anywhere else on our main level. In our last house the kids toys were in our family room and every day it was a stressor for me as well as an eye sore. So if i could snap my fingers my playroom would something along the lines of this:

So my plan is to spend most of the day working on our playroom. If I had about $500 and a Uhaul heading to ikea I am sure I could really make some progress. Well since neither of those things are happening today I am on my own. I plan to purge, place, and prioritize. Here's a list of the things I want to do: (mind you this all has to happen during Lynley's naps because she is not such a good "helper")

1. Get some artwork hung on the walls. I have lots of "kid friendly" artwork that I want to display in a collage I just need to get it sent out and hung up the way I want it!

2. Purge the toys. We have about a MILLION happy meal toys that JHW thinks holds significant value. They do not. I want to throw those away.

3. Keep like things together. Blocks, baby toys, ninja turtle crap all together! Make laminated labels to store in bins

4. Make a reading area. I have some cute ideas for this, but I am not sure this will happen today!

5. Keep all the Wii/ video game stuff together and out of the reach of sweet little Lynley!

6. Set up a a magnet area where Lynley can use magnetic stuff. She loves these things, but they are not allowed on our fridge so right now she is using a cookie sheet!

7. Hang Blinds... well at least that is what I think I want to do in here. I am still deciding on blinds or roman shades, Im gonna have to talk to Daddy Warbucks on this one :)

8. Vacuum. I just want a good old scrub down of the floor, but i haven't seen that floor in a while so hopefully tomorrow that will happen!

9. Order my growth chart. I want to make one of the those giant rulers that you have seen on Pinterest I have found one I love, now I just need to order it and the get the wood/ supplies from Lowes :)

So I have a huge task before me. Do you want to see how big... Well here is a picture of the current state of our playroom. Say a prayer and wish me luck!


Teena said...

A very nice room..

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